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Flamingo chick...

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LOL!! Thanks Trish :))) Don't you just love the pink legs & tiny wings!!


Awwwww! and it will grow up beautiful. this looks like a stuffed animal. just darlin'!


Thanks Patti :))


I love it! Thank you Robyn!


It sure did Floyd - thanks :))


Thank you Rob. Interesting topic for discussion. Got a lot more people thinking about saving our endangered species.


That's good Deborah - I'll keep a look-out!!! Thanks:))

Thanks Shirley - I'm glad your Jigidi glitch has gone!!

Thanks Gracie!!


Just adorable!!! thanks Rob


Finally, I can now see this cute little guy/gal, all legs at the moment, Thanks Rob.


I'm glad you enjoyed them...I'll see what I can do about the other critters. :)))


Thanks for the links Deborah - I've left a message on the last one! You'll have to post some of your other visitors sometime - we don't have deer, coyotes, raccoons or squirrels here, so that would be interesting to see!! Glad you liked the flamingo :)))) Thanks!!

It sounds like quite a few people have been having problems today Shirley - lets hope it's Jigidi and not your computer!!! Thanks Shirley!!


Rob, I don't know if it's my computer or jigidi, but I'm having trouble, the puzzles are not opening, not only yours, other as well, so I'll come back later and try again.


Hi are the links to the photos I took the other morning of the deer. There was a mature doe with a smaller doe (I'm assuming she was last year's fawn) in the back yard. I don't live out in the country, but I do live right near a park that has quite a bit of woodland. Our house is located on a lot that's over two acres. Depending on the time of year, I see deer, coyotes, ducks, geese, raccoons, rabbits, and of course squirrels and lots of birds. I could have gotten a lot more photos, and better ones, but the battery in my camera went dead..:(((

I hope you enjoy the photos, but take into consideration, I'm no photographer! LOL

And your flamingo chick is cute in an ugly duckling kind of way! :)))


Thanks Barb & Gail. I'll have a look for some of his books Gail.

Thanks Sandy, Suzy, Nicky & Dave!! I'm not sure what he's pecking at Dave!!


Great discussion.
Hope the little guy gets enough shrimp & grows up to be a a beautiful Pink one.
Thanks for sharing this.


What is down there that could be so interesting?


I once saw a tv prog about flamingoes - the little chicks often get salt shackles which was heart breaking, but I guess it's the survival of the fittest. Yes, I've read 'My Family And Other Animals' - it is very funny - but I didn't know he wrote so many books. Thanks for posting this one and promoting a good discussion.


What an adorable little creature.


I do know about teaching the Africaans about the conserving nature for tourism profits. I can only hope they will be successful. But it is a slow go. When people are hungry, they go to the jungle and kill animals...and there is lots of hungry people in Africa, and elsewhere.
Well octomom, I'm quite sure we will not solve all the world's problems. And that is just too bad :(


Oh how cute!


Barb, you are preaching to the choir. I could have written everything you did because I feel the same way, torn over what to do. In parts of Africa, what conservationists are doing has changed. Instead of trying to talk them into conserving the wildlife because it's the right thing to do, they're showing people how to conserve them for profit. Tourism is big industry in Africa, and people are realizing how much of an impact that can have on people's attitudes. If they poach all the animals, there won't be any left for the tourist industry. Conservationists are also trying to teach them how to manage sustainable crops and trees.

Rob, I'm so glad you know who Gerald Durrell was. He wrote over 30 books, all of which I own and have read. If you want to read a signature book he wrote, I suggest "My Family and Other Animals". It's one of the funniest books I've ever read. Did you know his brother was the famous author Lawrence Durrell?


Octomom, I bookmarked your link to Gerald Durrell site. It is a late night for me so I will look at it tomorrow. Thank you :)


I love all animals and to be honest I cry over the loss of habitat which is the main reason of their extinction. I can see the value of captive breeding too, don't get me wrong but then, since we continually take the habitat away from them, there is a question: where are we going to release those captive bred animals, since the people are EVERYWHERE? Just national parks and government lands are not enough to sustain the predators for very long. Even lions in Africa are now endangered....And don't get me started on the efforts to save the rhinos by sawing off their horns so the poachers don't have an incentive to kill them. But the poachers kill them anyway for spite, just to get even with people who protect them.... :( There are many good people in this world but there also are evil people :(


That's OK Barb - I'd rather see them in the wild too!!

Oh - I've seen shows about him on TV Gail - he was well before his time on endangered species breeding programmes. He was a real ground-breaker and I think he got lots of others to see the benefits of captive-breeding. That in turn has been a law-changer in quite a few countries where certain animals are low numbers. Thanks Gail/

Exactly Jan :))) In the meantime he just has to learn not to fall over those big feet!!Thanks!


I guess he'll grow into those feet one day, Rob, just like puppies!


Hi Barb and Robyn, I actually believe this IS a subject for Jigidi, because I've learned so much from everyone here on so many subjects, and hopefully, I've shown people some things they wouldn't otherwise have known. I agree for the most part with Barb. But, in this crazy world we live in, sometimes having animals in captivity means the difference between life and extinction for some of them. My favorite author, the late Gerald Durrell (he of "The Amateur Naturalist" fame), many years ago started a "zoo" in the Channel Islands. Thus began one of the world's first (if not the first) captive breeding programs for endangered species, trying to bring back from the jaws of extinction a number of species. If you're at all interested, you can find his website here:


Yes, I know Robyn....I just don't like wild animals in captivity...They belong in their habitat. It is not a subject for Jigidi, it is just that very sad picture of the baby got me reacting the way I did....Sorry.


LOL!! He's a real cutie isn't he Beekay!! Thanks!!

He looks like he's in captivity Barb. There are flamingos spread all over the world - Africa, Asia, US & Caribbean countries & South American countries. Some are Lesser Flamingo's - found in Sub-Saharan Africa & India - so there's lots of them!! Thanks!


Poor baby....What is he standing on? He should be in Africa, in the waters of Lake Bogoria, instead he is a captive and no mother in sight.... :(


Will this fuzz ball grow into those Rob. I've never seen a baby Flamingo before. Thanks:-)


Thanks chookie!!


Thanks Heidi! I love the pink legs!!


My guess is that it's only 2 to 3 days old. It no longer has it's egg tooth, but it has no visible pin feathers.