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Who Knew? It's Puzzle Day

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You've been busy tracking them down Magda... well done!!! Do you know that everytime you solve a puzzle, as long as you are signed in, Jigidi automatically saves it for you? Down at the bottom of the page under "Puzzles" there is a clickable link called "Bookmarks"... inside bookmarks you can chose from 3 options... "unfinished" "completed" or "all".

I've very honoured that you've made such a great effort to solve all my WK puzzles, and chuckling that you initially missed this one out!! Thanks so much Magda :~)))


I found out, some of the very first ones, I missed out. Others were solved and not saved. Now I have them all. Funny that I missed this one out of all! Thanks for your hard (but enjoyable) work.


That's sounds like fun PJ, actually meeting informally with like minded people is always a pleasure :~


Mandy - wonderful puzzle. It brings back so many memories... Like many of you, much spare time is used creating, solving or commenting puzzles - so I attend informal needlework "meetings" to get hobbies done :-))))


How funny!!! It's not just me then... I used to do crochet, or make friendship bracelets too - now I mostly create or solve puzzles!!


A woman after my own heart!! I too am always doing two things at once. I used to play games on the computer or crochet while watching tv. Now I mostly solve puzzles!!


Oh shame!! I'll have to make sure my laptop is never upgraded to 64 bit!! Not that I play it often, now that I've found Jigidi, all the games I used to play regularly are gathering bits and bytes of dust!!! But when my internet connection goes down, it's nice to have something to occupy my time, I cannot sit still and just watch TV!! Currently making puzzles fills the niche beautifully though... :~)


Chips Challenge - I can't remember if I got to the end, but I can't imagine that I would have quit before I did so. One of the things I really liked about this game, was you could skip levels after several tries and thus weren't stuck on the same level forever and ever. I know I didn't solve all the levels. I came across my list of passwords recently, but am pretty sure I discarded it. I never imagined the game would still work, as I believe it was a windows 3 game. After solving this puzzle last evening, I did some google research and even found a copy to download, but my computer is a 64 bit, so I couldn't install it. Probably just as well. But I did listen to all the sounds from the game and they brought on a huge smile. I wasn't aware of Tile World until last night, but it won't work on 64 bit either. Darn it, it would be nice to play it again :(


That's so great whatnauts, I did wonder if anyone else was a Chips Challenge fan - I was probably the #1 CC Addict!!! I've got to the end of it many times, but there are some levels that I never managed to solve, I still have the squared paper notebook in which I mapped many of the levels in the process of solving them, and recorded all the level passwords!!! I played in on my very first computer... an Amiga, and I've had it on every computer since!!! LOL!! Did you ever get into TileWorld??


Wow, this brings back memories. I used to spend hours and hours playing Chips Challenge. I don't believe I ever did get through all the levels, but I sure had a good time with. Thanks for the memories, as they say.


Oh thank you Katie, I'm having fun researching the days and then creating puzzles to match... so I'm really pleased that you and others are enjoying them too, thanks so much for the feedback :~)


I can't wait to see your puzzles for other daily celebrations that you found! I'm really enjoying the fun you are creating for us. And the unusual things you found, like puzzle day and bubble wrap day!


Oh Good, Katie, you loved this puzzle too, I'm delighted!! It is wonderful we have a special day for puzzle people to celebrate, thanks you for joining in the fun :~)


This is fantastic Mandy! I love the puzzle box and have one that I treasure! We love puzzles every day and it's great to know we have our very own national recognition day! Happy puzzling!!!


Thanks, I now have a huge grin Jan, and wondered who would spot the puzzle ring... I used to own several of them, I think they are so clever!!

Thanks too to Pat, I'm just so happy that many people have enjoyed this puzzle and been reminded of their prior puzzling days. A very Happy Puzzle Day indeed :~)))


What a wonderful puzzle you created, Mandy! Almost all of these are familiar to me, and have provided lots of great puzzlement through the years! Happy Puzzle Day! :-)))


OMG - you even included a puzzle ring! What a wonderful combination of very fun puzzles. Most of these have been enjoyed in our household! Thanks so much. And Happy Puzzle Day to everyone!! Thanks so much, Mandy for finding this day to celebrate!



Thanks Wendy, I'm really pleased you like what I'm doing, and I will make the top right image into a puzzle specially for you... :~)


Thanks Ardy, I thought it was good timing too when I first found out about it.


Thanks Pat, its great you can join in the celebrations :~)


Mandy, I LOVE what you're doing, celebrating things each day. Now more than ever, I HAVE to check out your puzzles shortly after I wake up. :-) On a side note, I'd like to solve the puzzle at the top on the far right-hand side.


Great puzzle, Mandy. Thank you. And thanks for the heads up on National Puzzle Day. Very good timing - just two days after Happy Jigidi Day.


This is great ... Happy day to all puzzlers...Thanks Mandy


So glad you've joined in the celebration Barb, thanks :~)


Love all these weird celebration days, Mandy. And I love puzzles so this was a natural to do, thanks. :-)


Neither did I Dagmar, I stumbled on a web page that listed some of the more unusual celebratory days and couldn't resist Puzzle Day!! It's also nice to know it's not just me who is a puzzle junkie!!! Of course you are invited to the celebrations.... just turn up whenever you have time - it's an All Day Event!!! Thanks for visiting already :~)


Thanks brightspark, so nice of you to visit and stop to leave a lovely comment :~)


Great puzzle. Many thanks. Seems there is a day for almost everything these days.


Hi Many, I didn't have the slightest idea that something like this exisited, but as I have played with nearly all the puzzles you have listed here I suppose I'm invited to the celebrations. LOL
Thanks for some fun in the morning. :))


what a stunning puzzle! thx!