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Good Morning Thought

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My sunrise at 7:50 AM 02/09/2019


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Good night LD .. Very simple .. Hugs

Good morning anny65 .. Thank you .. Hugs


Love this Pat xx Especially love the sunrise xx


A simple way to live life happy and contented!


Good morning Lorna . You're welcome .. Hugs

Good morning Ardy .. Still in the teens here .. Burr .. Sometimes that happens to me .. Have a blessed day .. Hugs

Good morning madhat .. Calm before the storm as they say .. The weatherman was wrong when he predicted snow yesterday .. Sure glad he was.. It is cold here but then it is the middle of winter too.. Have a wonderful day ..


I am truly blessed. Thanks for the reminder. Looks like a beautiful sunrise there this morning. The sun is up and shoining here. A bit of a dry out between storms. Hope you all have a good day. Stay warm.


Good morning, Pst. This is beautiful. Wow. Cold here too. This didn't make it to my Notifications. I came looking for it when I realized I didn't have it. Love the photo. Excellent thought too. Thank you. Have a wonderful day. Stay warm. Hugs.,


Lovely sunrise and a great thought Pat. Thank you, hugs.


Good morning Edna . Great to see you .. Have a wonderful day .. Hugs


Good morning Pat , a beautiful sunrise you had this morning ...Hugs


Good morning Sandi .. Have a wonderful day yourself .. Hugs


Wonderful GMT and beautiful photo. Hope your Saturday is great, my friend. ((HUGS))!


Good morning Jackie … Thank you .. Have a great day .. Hugs


Good morning Robbie .. I should too .. I know that I get vexed at times … :-)))

good morning pat, this picture is most be wonderful too be able to wake up too some thing, so beautiful. enjoy your day. hugs


So true, I should try and remember that when I get vexed! Good morning PK!


Good morning Jason .. You have a wonderful day .. :-)))