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Welcome to Bratislava

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Schone Naci Statue, is a tribute to the real character, the gentleman who was perfectly dressed and was greeting all the inhabitants of the town. Many old local people remember him as a very nice person with a smile on his face all the time. Old Town, Bratislava, Slovakia (2016)
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Wow! Jill you were so close to me (2 hours by a car)! Until 1992, we were one republic, Czechoslovakia. Then we split into the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, but the Slovaks are like our brothers and we have very friendly and above-standard contacts.


Marina I agree it is that sort of ‘connection’ that makes Jigidi so interesting. Thank you for your great feedback


Lunie how interesting that you would recognise it from that. That’s great thanks


I love the tour to Slovakia and how lucky we are for the info Maja1940 provided. It's a very impressive statue, I must say. Thanks.


Was trying to remember where i met that place, which seemed familiar though in know i haven't was from stamps we have been scanning for months already. So this is the place...Thanks Jill.


Shone Naci (Ignac Lamar) was from very poor family and he was not very happy at all. But he smiles all the time and ignored his real situation. See photo puzzle of him on my site, If you wish. ;o))


Thanks Janet, I am so glad. Have a lovely weekend.


This made a fabulous puzzle thanks Jill. I am enjoying your trip. Hugs to you. ♥


No problem at all ;-))


Jaklien you are right he doesn’t but those boys like to have fun lol


Sounds like it Cyndi, thanks


"Sir" Jerry doesn't look like it at all, but this aside ☺


What a great tribute to Schone Naci. He must have been a very happy person. We need more people like this....


Ha ha Brian - brilliant comment. @jerrys


maja1940 thank you so much for adding that personal story to my photo. Wonderful


Blimey Jillian, at first glance I thought it was Sir Jerry ! .......B


He was very polite and greeted all woman "Kiss the hand" in Hungarian or Germán language. We, as a young kids were looking at him with respect. I'm happy to know you like my puzzles JillianB. There is a lot of it on my page.


Really? Maja how lovely to meet you, just checked your site will return there to do some of your lovely puzzles. Thanks


I do.... ;o)))

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