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Second Cosmos or Cosmea Collage

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This time the whites with pink accents I have (had) so far. The one bottom right freshly opened this morning.
Notice the three flowers in the bottom (and the top middle) of this photo and the number of petals. Usually Cosmos flowers will have 8 petals, where this variety has 6! ☺☺

I hope you'll enjoy this collage too!♥
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  1. CarlWatson1:43
  2. liertje19781:55
  3. ENERIM2:09
  4. tisketsmum2:11
  5. EllaMB2:17
  6. cariblue22:20
  7. jimbos2:28
  8. jam624992:29
  9. Olya2:32
  10. jvsofield2:34


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I see, Faye, (top right, right?) Good choice! 😉💕😉

I get you arrived safely at your sister's? I hope you'll enjoy your stay. ♥♥


I still like the "country girl" best. 😉💕😉


I'm very pleased you enjoyed my collages, thank you, lurdo:)

Of course that I enoy your collages I love these pretty whites all are lovely.


Thank you, Anne, yes, they are, I fully agree!:)

Thank you, nillie, good choice. I like that one also. Thanks and good night ♥♥

Yeah, Ella, thank you. I guess so too. These are the off spring of the off spring so to speak and I wonder what more varieties will appear!:))

Thank you, GG. Yes, indeed. They have only just started blooming since a few weeks and already there are so many varieties. I'll continue taking photos of new blooms and put them in my special Cosmos file where I can easily compare them. (I'm better organized for creating Cosmos collages this year) ☺☺


Beautiful! So many lovely varieties of the white flowers! The pink shading is perfectly placed on each one, adding just the right touch! Thank you, Impie!!


A beautiful variety of accented whites! I guess they're just like families where each one is distinct in their own right.


Lovely... the top right one is the "beauty" in this caollage. Thanks impie and good night♥♥


A Symphony in Whites! How pretty and refreshing!

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