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Chocolate Fountain in Bellagio, Las Vegas

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Wow! Thanks for the pointer. 2 tons of chocolate, 27 feet high, 120 quarts of chocolate per minute - and yes, it's recycled. Absolutely amazing!


Thanks dondi for visiting here. There is some info on my Jean Philippe puzzle right next to this one. Not much though, just the basics. It says it took them 2 years, I think, to figure everything out.


Thank you, mhughes. You certainly should visit, lots of interesting stuff there. Beautiful displays of Dale Chihuly glass, too. I am going to post some later on today.


What an interesting puzzle - and a fascinating concept. How much chocolate do they put through in a day? Is it heated solid, or syrups? Do they recycle it, or solidify it at the bottom? If it's heated chocolate, how do they maintain the heat, and what happens if they ever turn it off?


You know what JitkaV? I live in Henderson Nev. Right outside of Las Vegas and have not even once gone to visit the Chocolate Fountain in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. But, after putting this pic together as a puzzle and seeing how YUMMY it looks, I'm going to have to visit it very soon. L.O.L.