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Another cloudy moon - 5AM today

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Thanks BJ, same to you!


Makes for a nice photo. Happy New Year.


Well, I don't know, depends on what presents itself to my camera! This one surprised me. I'm so glad you like it Pat!


Awesome picture thanks Mimi... Now that we got you started.. will we be seeing more....


Thank you Jan, and a Happy New Year to you!


It's beautiful, Mimi! I'm glad you ran to get your camera!! :)


Great idea Tex, I'll make a note to do just that!

Glad you like it Patti

There I was out in the chilly dark just doing my job! LOL Shirley!

Thanks Foxy, so glad to be of service to the Jigidi world!

Clouded over Robbie? We've had a lot of rain lately too.

I love that analogy Hanne, I can SEE it when I look again at this picture. Thanks!

And thank you all, my friends and I wish each one a wonderful, Happy New Year!


We always say that clouds looking like these are like sheepflocks passing across the sky!! Thanks so very much Mimi!!


Haven't seen ours in a few nights Mimi, thanks. Happy New Year to you and your family, looking forward to more fun in 2013.


Thanks for getting up so early to capture this, Mimi. It was worth the early start :-)


This is beautiful Mimi, and to think you were out in your slippers taking this lovely photo for all of us, I Thank you Mimi.


Beautiful! Thanks, Mimi!


Nice photo! You could repost this one at Halloween! Thanks, Mimi.


I kinda like to get up early - that's why I go to bed pretty early too. I went out to get the paper, saw this moon and had to run back in for my camera. I'm very glad you all liked it!


So very early to be up and about! Great picture, Mimi. Really, you don't have to get up so early to take pictures for us. Daytime photos are fine:)


You were up early this morning, Mimi! But what an effect that you were able to capture. Thank you!!

Day or night? Nice atmospheric effect.