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A good way to start a weekend ??? :)) I

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I decided to stay here for awhile tonight and play with some puzzles. Thanks, Dagmar. It has been pouring rain and after the worst part where I had pulled off into a parking lot because I couldn't see the road there was a gorgeous full bow rainbow.


Dagmar, My computer is down. I'm at my cousin's so I can let you and a few others know why I disappeared.


I love all these bright coloured circles (sort of like tennis or golf balls depending on how one looks at them) and I did manage to solve (4:44). Thanks for a great puzzle, Dagmar. :-)


Dagmar, since I have 2 aliases that I use all the time, I have to sign in and out, and out and in, but I saw your puzzle as I was switching and just had to check out the pieces. Your design 'caught' me immediately though. I think it's really terrific.


That't more than enough Wendy, thanks a lot for taking the time to sign in again. :)))


Oh, except that I would have LOVED to be able to solve it. It's a perfect puzzle for solving.


Dagmar, I was just signing out and signing back in. Your puzzle is FABULOUS and that's all I've got to say.