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Oh, where I have hidden the poor little froggie...TICA laughs!!!!!

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Oh so sorry to tell you, Hester...Freddy will hear me through the ear plugs! He just won't be able to resist...but I promise you, it won't hurt him at all to meet my blender. My Sushi can vouch for me! LOL


You sneaky siren! Cotton wool going in Freddy's ears now. Good job he knows sign language for dinner, walkies etc! :-))


Good job, Rob! It's one of yours! Glad you liked the work of TICA!


Yes, BRAT, I am vewy sneaky! But don't you dare tell lies about me to Freddy!!! I'm trying to gain his confidence! LOL

Hope we can meet up this time for at least a little while... :)))


Hester, I'm still going to keep calling for Freddy...In time I think he'll come to me. Animals just love me! :DDD


I'd say the eye of a Chameleon - all those warty green bumps are a good sign. Good one Deborah!


In a lizards eye? You're vewy sneaky, TICA!!

And that Freddy is a VERY good judge of character, Hester! Stay where you are Freddy!!

Sorry I missed you Deborah. Maybe tomorrow, eh? :))))


Deborah, Freddy suspects that you may be a descendant of Sweeney Todd and, as he avoids barbers, hairdressers and all of that ilk he is remaining steadfastly and immovably behind the sofa! (Big, brave boy! )
Hester :-D


Alas, my friends, I must cut my time here short tonight. I stayed up too late last night. Please feel free to make any and all comments! I just love them...and will respond. Have a good night all! Sorry I missed you Kirsten. And once again, feistyfreddy, please call me Deborah.


You could be wrong, you could be right...TICA will not tell this time, unless someone can guess correctly! By the Freddy, Freddy, Freddy...I'm waiting for you! LOL


I have my suspicions that poor little Froggie has been eaten by a giant chameleon. I think I can hear a muffled cry for heeelp! :-))


Gail, I can't give away the secret! If I do, I lose respect!! LOL


I dunno, but I see his eye...