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TueDoodle Quicky

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Hello my long-lost friends!! I've been dealing with some serious health issues and will visit you as I'm able. Hope you are all doing well and are still smiling. I don't know when I will see you next, but I do miss you very much and feel lost without you. Keep making your beautiful creations, and I'll join you when I can. Big hugs, a smile, and a wave. :-))


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Never mind, Mandy and Gail. It looks like I lost my star and must pay up. Oops!


Thx, Gail. I'd rather not run with horses, but I'd love to take a stroll by an ocean. Can you arrange that? LOL Do you have the answer to my question to Mandy below, in case she doesn't see it? I'm really stumped. Hope all is well in your new surroundings. Take care.


Mandy, I hope to make another real soon, because it made me feel alive again. I got so awfully bored while unable to create/post. Can you tell me if Jigidi changed by removing "my favorites" and choose puzzles to do by choosing "by favorites"? I miss that! I want my list of favorites most of all. Help?


Nicky, Thanks for letting me know about your doodles. Quite interesting, since I only discovered doodling several months ago. Here you did some in the 80's; that's quite amazing! I enjoyed seeing them and taking that trip down memory lane with you. Are you still doing them? I can't remember. Would love to see! Thx for all your kind words!


The lengths some people will go to on Jigidi to get attention! I think you're vying with Su for the top spot of horrible health problems. I'm thinking of you all the time. If wishes were horses, you'd be running with them...


Judy, you have no idea how pleased I am to see you've done a Quicky Doodle!!! PTL!!
I'm waving like crazy, and smiling too :~))))))))))))))))


Hi Judy - I do hope your health continues to improve. Please take things very carefully and try not to push yourself too hard - easier said than done, I know! I hadn't realised you've been ill. I promised to let you know if I posted any of my zentangles. I posted a few I did back in the 80s yesterday and hope you will enjoy doing them sometime in the future when you are able. In the meantime - I send you my best wishes for a good recovery and a peacful time while doing so. Nicky.


Hello Diane, Cindy, Jo, and Gail. Oh I do love hearing from each of you. Thanks for making me feel so welcome. I was very excited to create a somewhat easy puzzle just to be a part of the group again. I am showing some improvement, but I can easily go backward if I'm not careful. I'll do my best to use wisdom and stay in touch whenever it seems relatively safe to do so. A little sitting up is in order to keep my sanity and to move the muscles. Perhaps I should draw stick figures to imitate what I'm allowed to do. Naw, that'll put you to sleep! Thanks again, my dear friends. Hugs and bigger hugs.


Hi Judy, it's wonderful to see you posting again, if only this puzzle. I hope it means you're on the road to recovery. I think of you often, and want to wish you well.


Whew! Its been awhile, but here you are!! Yipee!! Soo good to hear from you, and see this beautiful puzzle!! Take care, your still in my prayers!! Many hugs, and smiles for your full time return!! Jo :)

If I could jump, I'd be jumping for joy at seeing a posting from you!!! It is a fun puzzle and I especially love the little doodle in the bottom right corner! Keep on doing (or I guess I should be saying 'not doing') what the doctor says and I'm sure you will continue to improve!!! Many, many hugs to you!!! I hope you can see my big smile and wave! Prayers to you, my dear friend!


Yes, you have been missed .My prayers are with you and I pray for your health to improve. Thank you for this puzzle. DIANE FROM N.J.


I'm unable to answer your wonderful comments individually, but I can say that each of you have lifted my spirits dramatically. I've missed each of you and hope this won't drag out much longer--lying flat on my back or on my side, because it is so very limiting. You guys are so wonderful, and I appreciate your kindness, your hugs, and your smiles. Do you see me waving to you? :-))) Take care and I'll be praying that I can join you regularly sooner vs. later. You really are the best!


Judy, it's great to see your puzzle today! Take care my friend - we are all hoping you are up and about soon, smelling the flowers and sharing your wonderful smiles!!


Woohoo, it's a Red Letter Day now Judy. Wonderful to see you here even if the news you bring is not the best that we could have hoped for. Please know we're all here waiting and pulling for you to get back on your feet quickly. Thanks for the fun doodle. Big hugs and smiles coming your way Judy :-)))))))))


So wonderful to see you, Judy, and to solve one of your lovely 'doodle' puzzles. Wishing you well as you cope with the serious health issues. Hope you are feeling better soon and can join us full time again. Smiles and Hugs being sent your way. (((HUGS))) :-))))


We're huggin', wavin' and just a'grinnin' right back to you! Be well!!! Libby ;-)))

P.S. GREAT jig! Thanks ;-)))


You've designed a nice one, Judy. Thanks. Wishing you all the best. Hugs. :-)