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Orchids next door.

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In Toyomi's garden yesterday.
We're looking to have our warmest Autumn on record - it's been 27C - 80F - for the last few days, and is expected to be the same all this week!!
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Thanks Cathy - my pleasure!!


They are absolutely gorgeous!!!! Thanks, Rob, for taking and sharing the picture!


I love being able to see them Floyd - thanks!!!

Thanks Lyndee - the warm & dry weather makes for happy Orchids:)))


Beautiful flowers robyn. Looking very good for fall.


Beautiful. Great to have such nice flowers next door.
Thank you Rob.


Thanks Shirley - our garden & lawn is really drying out, so some soaking rain would be terrific!!


Beautiful Orchid, Rob, I agree it's lovely weather, also would like some socking rain too. Thanks Rob.


Thanks for ID'ing them for me Janet:)) I'm hopeless when it comes to varieties!!

Toyomi's garden is so full of beautiful plants Suzy - & I'm really lucky to see them over the fence!! Thanks!!

Thanks Laura - I have to agree 100%!!!


Oh my, Robyn. These are just gorgeous!


What a pretty color they are, Rob! How very nice of Toyomi to grow them for you to enjoy looking at!


Beautiful Cattleyas, Rob. Yes we are having a very strange autumn so far, cool nights, fog in the morning, then very hot days. Hugs, janet.


She is Barb:))) They're growing on a plum tree in the back garden!! Thanks!!


They are beauties, Rob :) Toyomi must be proud of them :)


The weather is just terrific Nev - nice & cool at night & warm in the daytime - all we need is some good soaking rain!!! Thanks!!

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