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Navy Nave Nave For Hanne

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Thanks for posting this, David. Something new for me. We went to a wedding at the chapel in 1985. A lovely wedding and a beautiful setting.


Isn't this just a marvelous place and aren't we just good??!!!! :-)))


Well, Hanne, the same goes back to you. I wouldn't have looked for the ship, high up in the ceiling, if I didn't know you!

Mange mange tak!


I have had a really good time today thinking about this ship in Annapolis, David!! Just imagine what we had not known if it was not for jigidi!! I'm so awfully grateful for all that I've learned and seen - from your hand too!! The world opens and we know each others so very much better!! Wonderful!!


I agree with Plumpy, your ships were always a treat for us to see. So I'm glad you enjoyed seeing one from America, Hanne!

Aren't the different colors interesting. I hope you can see more photos of this place, it's very nice.

Today we have a foot of heavy, wet snow on everything, the storm came just the minute they got all the power restored in our town. What luck!


David, this is very amazing and interesting!! Thanks for breaking your principles and posting this fine picture!! It's very beautiful and very, very different. How I would like a ladder and a closer view, wouldn't you??? Thanks so very much!!


Hanne's ship puzzles were quite enchanting - - I looked forward to each new one she posted. They were among my favorite puzzles!

Thank you for the "nave" etymology. Never having thought to look it up for myself, I was unaware of the naval connection.


I went to Annapolis over the weekend to conduct a choral event held in the famous chapel of the United States Naval Academy. It isn't surprising that they maintain the tradition of mariners' churches, suspending a model ship in the main corridor of the church - the "nave" of the church is called "nave" because of its resemblance to the body of a ship (also called a "nave"). Hanne has posted many photos on her jigidi pages of such ships in Danish and Swedish churches.

I don't usually post other people's photos but there was no way for me to take photos during my working day in this place. So this photo is borrowed from the Flickr photostream of mbell1975, where there are many other photos of the US Naval Academy along with this one.

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