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All Together Now (Smaller)

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160 solves
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Thanks so much, zzcap!


You make some very nice jigsaw. very enjoyable


Thanks, Wendy!


Pat, I so agree with you! :-)


Uh, thanks, Lela...!

I get annoyed at myself when I don't post something I really like, just because I don't think it will be very popular. In the scheme of things, I have to make myself happy, too--it's not like a salaried job where I'm required to make things I'm not that fond of--why not make things I like?! Even if no one solves a puzzle, I won't get fired! LOL!


Pat, I am relieved. It's been bothering me ever since I read one of your comments. When we made our little 'pact' about you and I giving each other didn't occur to me at the time that maybe we should do it privately. I think I just saw one too many butterflies. LOLOL All kidding aside, yes, I think most people who like our puzzles have great taste. ;-)

I love the idea of you posting what you like best! I sometimes post ones of mine that I love even though I know they won't do well.




Thanks, everyone--I appreciate your honesty and candor! I think that we all have great taste, even if it isn't always in agreement! And my feelings aren't hurt at all--don't worry about it. In fact, I'm glad this came up, because there are many times when I like the other loonies that the Painting made much better than the butterflies, but I've gotten into the pattern of feeling that I should post a butterfly first, and for each original. Why?! No one ever mentioned that they were glad I almost always did!! So now I'll post what I like best, and the public be damned! JUST KIDDING!!! :-)))


(I don't particularly like the butterflies................................)


Pat, oh....geeeez! I think I have great taste in puzzles too. And I LOVE almost ALL of yours. It's only the butterflies that I don't like...and as I mentioned before, "I know a lot of people love the butterflies."

I didn't want to hurt your feelings. But seriously, I'm sure you don't care for some of mine, so tell me! Turn around fair play. ;-)


Aw shucks.

But then again there are some puzzles which I really like, but don't do well. There are some fantastic puzzles on jigidi, but they don't do well in the solve department, as you and wendy are well aware.


Thanks, whatnauts, that matters to me, because I think you have great taste in puzzles (hey--you like mine, so that proves it! LOL!). :-)))


Let me just add that I really like the butterflies, at least most of them, although solving them is generally not intuitive.


Lucky you, Jan! I was off to the grocery store and T J Maxx and the wine store (no tadpole wine, though...) and the shoe store (my feet are a full size different from each other, so I'm trying out on the carpet at home 2 pair of Payless stacked heels--can't stand real heels--in an 8 and a 9, figuring they're cheap enough for me to just wear one shoe from each pair, if I keep them!) and... sigh...

Actually, the butterflies are semi-centered--they are symmetrical along one axis, not two, Wendy, but I still think of them as centered, because they are very different from the really off-centered ones...

Thanks, (other) Jan and Ardy!--I thought that this would be harder than it was, too. As far an untangling them goes, not a chance! LOL!


You know I love the swirls and these are no exception. I was afraid of getting lost in there but had no problem. I didn't hurry fast enough for the board but I could enjoy it more along the way. Thanks, Pat.


Funny and fascinating. Love it.
My big question is - how can you untangle the figures? Well, I'll check out tomorrow, can't wait to see your next move.....


FUN!!! Thanks so much, Pat!!!!! I'm off to the beach!


Pat, I like your centered loonies too, but the off-centered ones are by far my favorites. I don't really consider your butterflies as centered loonies although I suppose they are. For some reason that configuration bothers me. LOL

On a side note, the reason I posted that puzzle for Ada is because she got a super fast time on she can be fast when she's in the mood.


Ada, that was the only good thing about molasses mouse--I had no choice but to go slowly, and it took the pressure off--pressure I didn't even realize I had been feeling!

The butterflies aren't my favorites, either, Wendy, but lots of people do seem to enjoy them, and I enjoy adding to the collection! I'd say I prefer off-centered to centered loonies about 4 to 1...


Pat, I don't like the butterflies...ever. But I always love all your off centered loonies. It's a personal preference...and thank heavens everyone has different taste. I know a lot of people love the butterflies.

Ada, check this out-


yup I solved UNDER 4 minutes but not under enough to stay on the board. LOL I guess I just like slow and easy. :) I just love the colors.


Thanks, Barb--I keep trying to make them in new ways! I don't know if this qualifies--it's sort of like the elephant, but with 4 trunks intertwining...! :-)

I made this into a weird version (jpeg/recolor), and then I did make a bunch of loonies--you're right, Wendy! I just posted the butterfly; the flowers will follow.


Pat, this would make an awesome loony flower!


You are getting so creative with your swirl puzzles, Pat. This was fun, thanks!!! :-)


Under 4, even! LOL! Thanks, Ada!


oh jeez! LOL at least I can work it under 5 minutes! hahahaha