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This veiled dancer is none other than Diana Rigg in the 1966 episode Honey for the Prince of The Avengers television serie

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  1. bck2wrk9:14
  2. Bronco9:52
  3. LunaLuna110:04
  4. huffy210:27
  5. MilitaryBrat10:31
  6. texace10:34
  7. Behrfoot10:45
  8. stormyd10:45
  9. CraigBirch11:05
  10. bowlingthor11:17


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PD - sorry, but he died a few years ago. He was in a lot of things, but he'll always be Steed...


I actually ran smack-dab into her in a rest room in New Jersey many years ago. A beautiful woman and I loved the TV show. Has anyone heard of Patrick McNee (sp?) lately? Loved how he clonked bad people over the hear with his metal lined hat!


Wow! Considering this was roughly the same time as "I Dream of Jeannie" - who was not allowed to show her bellybutton - this is a pretty revealing outfit!

But what could be shown (& said) on British telly vs. American TV was always different.

I remember when my English relatives came to visit me in the US, and would laugh their heads off at the bra commercials, where the models had to wear their bras over their clothes, or the bras had to be on a mannequin! :D

I can see it is Diana...surprised I don't recognize the picture, I'm sure I saw the whole series, but I was in my early teens...great show...Sherry :)))

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