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P-Squirt Accused of Knitting Murder in Bonga Bonga!!....

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  1. javasage1:08
  2. jangel1:16
  3. pdevredis1:21
  4. Nancy19491:30
  5. lelabugosi1:42
  6. danid091:45
  7. emmydon1:47
  8. Robbos1:48
  9. JM_Cookie1:50
  10. flmiller11:56


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My favourite detective is I.V. Swarovski...she works out of Chicago...a glass act.


I am afraid that the mystery will never be solved unless we call in Dooby Scoo and his intrepid friends to follow the clues...


Maybe the mystery is solved....maybe not only the shadow knows.....


I think Mane Jarple is the sleuth of choice--she carried her bag of knitting everywhere, so she would be most qualified for this endeavor...


Perhaps yarnover would be better qualified to find the incriminating evidence!

(Aside: Where in h_ll do you find stuff as ridiculous as this? And how many days did you spend looking for it? lol :D)


I don't know, Esteemed One, but would Herlock Sholmes be available??....


EEEEK!.....That's what he's knitting!....I'll send for Percule Hoirot.......


Looks like a postmortem currently taking place to find a solution to the situation here.


Does it get any worse than this?


In what is being described as an attempt to steal the Secrets of the Tadpole Winemaking Process, a body was found today in Bonga Bonga, knitted to death!....

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