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Hand Drawn Circlerfly

48 pieces
105 solves
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Thanks so much, Jan and PJ! I always laugh as I draw these puzzles, because I can't believe how inept I am at it, but they do end up being fun to work, thank goodness! Hey, maybe that's what I should have called this-- an Inepterfly! LOL! :-)))


Wow, Pat - that's the most star-filled Leaderboard I've seen :-))) And, yes, a fun challenging puzzle.


Fabulous! - The design and colors are wonderful!!
I was humbly thrilled to provide star number 8 without bumping another star off.
Thanks so much for this great puzzle, Pat!


Thanks, Pat!


Thanks, Katie, Ardy, and whatnauts--I think the duplication (quadruplication?!) is what makes it harder, but it also smooths out some of the roughness of the hand-drawing, because it gives the impression that I was able to make a symmetrical drawing, which is less obviously kindergarten level! Thanks for adding it to the list, and for approving of the addition! :-)))


This is another gorgeous specimen, most definitely worthy of being noted by our resident flyologist, ms ringleader, having being captured by our resident creator, ms PD :)))


I'm 2 seconds off the board, Pat. 4:56. I was taking my time moseying through this solve and contemplating this lovely addition to the rare fly list. I have made note of it and shall add it to the master list in a bit. Thanks for sharing another of your really rare flies.


I love the circlerfly Pat! This is so tricky it took some time to get the edge pieces together. Such colorful fun for a rainy Monday!


Done. Thanks


Ooops--sorry, Edie--here's an 80-piece size! I made the medium in my usual medium size--I never make anything between the small (usually in the 40's) and the 140-160 size, so I thought that's the next one up that you meant. :-)))


LOL Pat. I thought I had opened the wrong one. Larger to me is 81 pieces but I have it bookmarked and will definitely give it a try. Thanks so much.


These are the large and the medium, in that order.
Thanks, Aishah, Edie, and Barb. Poor Ardy is going to be sorry she volunteered for this--I seem to be intent on populating the insect world with my own species! :-)))


This was fun, Pat,! I hope Ardy has her book ready to list the new sighting. :-))


Love your hand drawn puzzles. Please continue to make them. This one was trickier than it looked. I call these the 'who's who' puzzles since I'm always deciding which quarter they live in. It took awhile to get all my ducks in a row and then things fell into place. Going to try this in the next size up if there is one.
Really fun, thanks Pat


Oh Pat, you are killing me. This one is gorgeous and I really want a big version of this one too. Those hand drawn circles really made for a beautiful butterfly.