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Why Is She Alone

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It's the social distancing, you fool! Now keep your distance!
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  1. icezin0:05
  2. andie9830:07
  3. popoko0:08
  4. Fredge0:08
  5. ammy0:09
  6. wshealy0:10
  7. wjl10150:10
  8. treker0:10
  9. lelabugosi0:11
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Visit @ammy's profile, and listen to her amazing music!


I doubt if she'll see these comments now .............. 'I joined Jigidi on 25 May 2019 and was last seen on 14 April 2020.' ............ hope I'm wrong, though.

Indeed we do miss you, @ammy!


Sigh...we miss you, @ammy

I'll miss doing your puzzles, and reading the comments! For what it's worth, I find the picture a day of a heavy woman in a bikini less than amusing, but I just don't do them.


@lelabugosi I feel you! But I can't operate on a site with such arbitrary "rules" regarding what's acceptable and not. I wouldn't know what the community finds "offensive" because to me I think it's perfectly fine, but then you wake up the next day and "poof", my puzzle's gone, no explanations offered. One thing I'm definitely gonna miss are all of your wonderfully witty comments! (T__T)


Don't stop posting puzzles! They are the only funny things left on the new dumbed-down jigidi!

And she's crying - because this weird guy won't leave her alone!

Unfortunately, he sings like Ethyl Merman.


Must've been from his attempted merman surgery...


That's a nasty scar, just above his bathing thingies ........


I guess his merman goo must make the guitar stick!

How does your guitar stay on your chest
While the right hand strums
And the left hand frets?

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