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Refractive Index Greater Than One........

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Thank you pilley for the explanation of your techniques... I have not tried that filter before... You've got that one well in hand.... I'm enjoying your framing too.... Good fun framing.... One of my favorite parts of puzzle creation... Thank you too for your lovely comment.... :) :)


Shirley, I'm glad I could remember on this one.... Most of the time I can't... It's easier when I stick to images and bevels... More fun to try filers though... Ava good evening.... :) :)


Thank you Pat... It had the same effect on me at first.... Earthy.... But the colors weren't quite right for earth, so it got one of those far out titles.... How's that Bandit boy doing?? He looked really great in his new bed... Did he get new toys too... Very unique and loveable cat.... :) :)


.A 'work of art' from you is a treasure to me... My heartfelt thank yous, good buddy... I don't know if you've seen them yet... But you should check out puzzles by a new poster.... JuliaMandelbrot.... They are pretty spectacular.... Thanks again and big hugs dear friend.... :) :)


Thanks PLG for letting me know.... :) :)


SMor2Ditto, loved the colors and movement in this.
On the butterfly one I did yesterday; took the first butterfly study and used a technique called "liquify" in PhotoShop 7.0 and swirled then added a couple more butterflies and changed the frame......... I love that tool.


Sally, thank you for the info, would never have picked it for one of the Marandoo puzzles, these filters are great fun to play with and I do agree to not knowing where they will end, Thanks again Sally :) :)

Very pretty. Thought of the earth at first - a mixed up earth.


WOW!! This is a work of art, Sally. It should be hanging on a wall, not my computer screen! Thanks for posting this treasure!!! .... :-)


Beautiful! Thank you, Sally!


You're welcome pkin.... :) :)


Shirley, Shirley, Shirley.... I couldn't run rings around you if you were standing still... You are truly a talented artist.... I will admit I am getting better... This is not the one I was talking about... Will post it in a few days... This was believe it or not, one of the Marandoo puzzles, filtered, colour changed and enhanced, filtered again, with the frame layered four or five times... I never know where these will end up and sometimes I don't know what image they started from... In this case I left the title on and added an 'A' after the first filter... If that makes any sense.... Really good to know you liked it.... Thanks so much.... :) :)


Beautiful thanks Sally


Sally my dear, if this is the one you referred to the other day, it sure does run rings around mine, this is gorgeous, and I have no idea how most of it was created, Thanks Sally for another wonderful puzzle. :) :)