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Clothes Shoot

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;-) mble111911. Your brother won because the rules were his and were made as he went along! I had an older sister that did the same thing.

We used to have a play area in our basement when I was small. That area became whatever our imaginations could come up with, even with very few actual toys. I remember my Mom being a bit upset when we used her canned goods (tin cans, not glass jars) to define the area of our fort and a few got knocked around and dented...oops. :-( I believe after that we were allowed to use chalk on the floor. My brother made his version of hopscotch with circles and squares spread out in everywhich direction, it was fun but somehow he always won. I guess his being 4 yrs older and making the rules


I have lots of fond memories of this basement. The clothes shoot is only one way. The corner shelf is from an upstairs kitchen renovation (note the red Formica and metal trim). The wooden shelves used to be full of toys. This was my sister, brother and my play area.

What a lovely, functional basement you have. I love all the old stuff...the corner piece of cabinetry, the milk cans, and the oil lamp. I wish I had a basement clothes line...especially this winter/spring when it has been soooo rainy all the time...I haven't been able to hang wash outside more than a few times since Sept. last year. That laundry chute looks great, is it just to drop clothes down or does it also function as a dumbwaiter to raise the clean clothes to the upstairs? --Merrie

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