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Saluda St., Chester, SC 1993

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My mother's home when she was born 1922. She used to sneak off the balcony for fun. This house was fumigated in the early 1940's and a child crawled under the coverings and died in the attic. Grandmother sold it immediately unable to stand living there anymore.
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  1. peejay5:07
  2. allenh11515:21
  3. Bitsy255:24
  4. Dagina5:31
  5. draftman1115:41
  6. vameisen6:17
  7. zhaba476:25
  8. szootman7:33
  9. Bingolady7:51
  10. gosheal7:58


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Gorgeous house, but such a sad time for the parents of the child who died.


Thanks for your comment, Twixtill, interesting insight! In the 1990s it belonged to the Mayor of Chester.

What a beautiful home and a sad, sad story. I'm sure this was well before full disclosure and the new owners were totally oblivious - until neighbors told them!

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