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Bishka with new toy

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Home made toy from Yvonne (Samsammy)
was one of the gifts I received for my
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so cute!


Zdravím kamarádku Bishku.A


Je krásná, koukám, také je to hračička :-)


adorable :-)

hope u r feeling better today!


Ok Pat ,looking forward to your message.


Hi Andie, will write by the white peacock..


Hi dear Pat
Trip over,we are home for a while .Had a very nice time when we were away but Artus started to scratch himself like mad yesterday and now he's lost a lot of hairs ,so Jacques is taking him to the vet's tomorrow.Don't know if swimming in the sea did it, his coat is so thick he can never dry properly when we are travelling..
I hope you are fine .Hugs to you and smooches to Bishka from poor Artus.


Hi dear Pat
We are at Anaïs's after a gorgeous week in Alsatia.Wanted to celebrate my birthday with family so we are all together in the Languedoc Roussillon.Will be going to Normandy soon ,as usual in September ,then from Normandy we'll head down to the Camper Show near Paris.
Thanks for this beautiful photo of our Bishka,she is so lovely and her coat so shiny.She IS enjoying her new toy ,how nice of Yvonne to send her a homemade toy .
I hope you are fine,not worrying too much , and am looking forward to hearing from you very soon.
Lots of love to you both from Artus and me.


Evelyn, she does enjoy it, and I play gently with her because of her bad teeth. Thanks.


Thank you Bella, I wish we could too, you live in such a beautiful place. Hugs...


Waf woof woof Bishka, that's a very nice toy you have there. I also love to play with toys, special if they feel soft. ☺ I love this photo of you. You look real good. Wish we could be friends and run together. Sweet licks ♥♥♥


Thank you Petsmom, I can take anything from her and she don't care. She is such a good


I'm so glad she shares. I thought that might be her "it's mine" look. Glad you rescued her from an abusive situation. At least now she's loved and taken care of. Thanks for sharing her with us.


She is always wondering what I am doing, and it is much better when I don't have a flash.
She loves her new toy, and does share it with me, just can't play too rough as her teeth
are so bad. She was abused, and her teeth are horrible. Thanks everyone for the
nice comments.


Like many dogs: don't take a picture (I don't like that box in front of your face; sometimes it flashes at me)

She does like her toy!


Looks like Bishka likes her new toy from Yvonne. I don't think she wants to share it with you. Cute photo.


What a lovely gift. Looks like Bishka is enjoying it. She does seem to be apprehensive about having her picture taken. Wonder why. Thanks Pat, for sharing this.

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