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Springtime #1

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  1. muse2me3:02
  2. Nette3:03
  3. jennie3:08
  4. SarahM4:01
  5. hannejoh4:04
  6. 3wishes4:05
  7. inese4:06
  8. poitiers4:07
  9. dputnam11604:07
  10. gblalock484:12


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Magnus, thank you so much for Jigidi--for the site and for the community, and for your talented team.
Wishing you a safe, healthy, and joyful 2021 and beyond.


Dear Magnus, thank you very much for creating Jigidi, it is a great idea of bringing together puzzle lovers internationally. And not only that but you gave us the choice to feel like members of the same team because we have a common hobby. Team members talk, chat, make friends, argue, make peace and share a laugh. Thank you and your lovely son, for all. Marina


So, you make this wonderful site and you don't use it to make puzzles???
What's going on in your life?


The "real you". So good to meet you. You are so talented. Your Jigidi site is super..You must be part genius too. Also, if that's your real picture..Very Handsome...TYVVVVM.

Jigidi staff

Hi SMor2Ditto, I'm the real one :)

Btw, the star next to my name is a new feature. Check out 'Support Jigidi' in the menu to the left.

Jigidi staff

Hi Roxanne, 'acronym' is not my acronym ;-) .. but he is a colleague of mine.


Is this the real Magnus?? If so, Thanks again.


Magnus, is "acronym" another name for you, or someone else who works with you on Jigidi? Noticed the star beside each name. :)
Yes Spring is finally here! :)

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