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Which came first?

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  1. radiationbaby12:09
  2. leslieg13:57
  3. michael23417:40
  4. SPaceDinVADerOne18:14
  5. catherinebarry20:19
  6. MarilynT20:22
  7. ricki23:10
  8. Puddykat23:44
  9. Kalola24:07
  10. sodbuster27:25


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Seems to me that the name for "the room" varies according to location or something else I can't figure out without help. Where I live (SW corner of Canada) we use the term bathroom for all of the rooms described below. This might be because the various pieces of porcelain are all in the same rooms in most homes. There are, of course, many other names for the room if it's in a commercial building or if there are separate rooms for the genders.


I was raised to call it a Restroom if using the toilet & a Bathroom if taking a bath. Outside in Arizona we called it the Outhouse for the toilet. I like the term Loo myself.

that is so me and I only life in a 1 bedroomed flat but still get confused


Thanks for the laugh, Duine!!


If you went into the BATHroom, I hope it was to have a BATH, not to use it as a TOILET.
(Civilised societies know the difference; modern western societies are increasingly using the term "bathroom" when they mean "toilet".) I'll be livid if anyone visiting my house uses my bathroom as a toilet. And I'll break up laughing if they try to have a bath IN my toilet. But I won't want them sitting on my furniture afterwards.


A two-in-one special today!

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