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107 when I solved it.

I like the smile and I have a Winnie the Pooh

How adorable.


Thanks Meline for the sweet compliment!

Andie you are so sweet to be concerned. We've had no rain for 2 days but are expecting some for the next 3. I think we're dried up enough to be able the handle what's coming. ♥☁☺☁♥


That's fine Mimi ,I'm relieved.Have a good day .Take care!♥☺☺♥☺


How darling she is!


You're right Snooker, she sure looks proud of her cute self! ♥☺♥

Thanks Laura, I love that perky little smile! ♥☺♥

Andie we got lots more rain last night but none today so everything's good. I think Snooker's OK too! Thanks for you sweet concern! ♥☺♥


Let's hope it will stay that way Mimi,I know the media tend to dramatize events but I'm worried about you and your family and about Pat and Charlie too.


What a gorgeous little girl! Such a sweet smile.

4 months and proud of it! :)


Thanks Edie, I so appreciate your sweet comments. ♥ If I could I'd send you some of the rain from Dallas where my granddaughter lives. Her family is OK so far, but still more rain expected there and the city is drowning! And of course so many in the mid-west have it so much worse. We've been fortunate here.


"Cutie Patootie" is what comes to mind when I look at her Mimi. Such a sweet little one. Thanks again for sharing with us. ☺︎❤︎☺︎ Oh, and do send some rain. We've had none in 6 weeks. :-)


We won't be seeing her again till July so I'm delighted that her Mama is so faithful about posting pictures on Facebook for the family! She's grown so much since we saw her last month!

Andy we are fine here. Have had rain the last 3 days but not the Texas storms. We usually get the Texas weather after a few days but since South Texas hasn't had as much rain I'm hoping we'll be fine. Our problems usually come later in the summer and early fall - hurricanes. ☺☁☺ Thanks for your concern!


Still a beautiful and so lively little doll.And always that beaming smile present in all the members of your family dear Mimi.
BTW I have heard that ,because of the not so far away floods ,warnings and alerts are stretching to Louisiana, and several other states.Hope you are OK..Do take care!♥☺☺♥☺

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