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computer wire sleeving

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Some MDPC Vanilla Sands and Copper Brown computer wire sleeving. The smaller size on the bottom is for the regular wires, and the wider sleeve on the top is for SATA cables.
Sleeving not only protects the wires from damage, but as you can buy it in various colors you can also make the interior of your computer look like a million dollars! :D

Yes. I am a computer geek. :D
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@Janet123456 -- I'm sorry you don't like my puzzle, but there's no need to be rude and insulting. Computer wire sleeving is a geek thing, which you clearly don't understand.

What is the point of this garbage pic


Gladstone - that's more than most people would do. Most would just take it back to the store, or call their "geeky" friend that understands computers. :D


Very impressive work.
The closest I got to doing anything in a computer
box was changed the main drive that failed shortly after I got this computer.


The Patriotic Raven is amazing! Never had a clue that one could make the inside of a computer look so good. You sure know how to dress things up. :)


None that have qualified as "Million Dollar", but yes I've built a few.

This was a USA themed build I named The Patriotic Raven. The white computer case I used was one of the Silverstone Raven series of cases, and I was going for a US flag theme:

And here are some cables I created using Vanilla Sands and Copper Brown sleeve. The black heat shrink on the two middle cables was changed to white.

The cable on the right is the 24-pin main power cable for the computer motherboard. The 8-pin cable on the left is the EPS power cable. The two 6-pin cables in the middle were to power a video card. And yes, I changed the normal black connectors to white for those cables.

In the Patriotic Raven build above I used mostly white connectors, but since the video card came with a red shroud I used red connectors for it's power cables.

Edit: corrected some information


Which to select from the neon green, purples, many choices!!!
The next site makes me want to take my computer apart so I can see what's inside. :)
Do you have computers with that Million Dollar look!????


@pumpkinhead - you ain't seen nothing yet!!! :D

And some computers built with "sleeved" cables...

These are a couple of my favorites...


That is by far, the most attractive wire sleeving I have ever laid my eyes on! (Perhaps the only!)

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