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November 21 2019

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Welcome to "sunny" New Mexico....this is not one of the over 300 days of sun.
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  1. Olya1:03
  2. babray1:09
  3. Impie1:13
  5. Cccvb1:27
  6. jsthewillard1:30
  7. Pekaji1:31
  8. mollyyodi132:26
  9. abril92:38


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Ah. yes, Olya. I almost added "Fall (before Hallowe'en) ". Many Hallowe'ens were spent with long underwear and sweaters under costumes with coats on top or at least hats and/or umbrellas. It's not weather I tolerate well. I love my sunshine.


At least during normal autumns in Wisconsin :) Winter came early this year - we had our first snowfall on Halloween, and at least two more since then. Warmer and rainy today, so the snow is gone for now.


You are so right, Olya, and that's mostly what I've been doing. Cheers.
Impie, I hadn't thought about that, but makes sense to me. Also like fall days in Wisconsin and Minnesota.


Hi Anne, It looks like a Fall day in Holland. :-)


Like you said in your other puzzle, sometimes it's good to get some rain! Also good excuse to sit by the window and play Jigidi, since it is wet outside :-)

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