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9 Bright Circles are Fun

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440 pieces
104 solves
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  1. felicityjigidi21:14
  2. lapreciosa27:27
  3. pavel6628:36
  4. loleec29:59
  5. pesciolina6230:16
  6. Drosselbart31:18
  7. dhara31:43
  8. Jantje5231:57
  9. puppylvr75132:59
  10. mjjpotter33:07


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@19Tiger49 - Hi Tiger, that's awesome you don't give up, and it is one of the key signs of a true gamer. Do you play more advanced video games on Steam, Playstation, or Xbox?

Your comment made me rethink this puzzle, and uploaded a redesigned version with guidelines and no shading. It looks like the shading makes different colors look the same when broken into small puzzle pieces. Give the new version a try, and see if it works better. Thanks for your enjoyable comment:) Lizzie


Okay you can chew me out as I took 2:38:34 hrs. to finish this. My eyes play games with me tonight and I just had to finish before I went to bed. In truly enjoyed your puzzle SkyGlass. Thanks a million kiddo. The Tiger.


Thanks Buttonsss

Thanks for another good one, SkyGlass.

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