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Tak for Jigidi! thanks for Jigidi!

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To Magnus, Mette, the rest of the Jigidi staff, and especially to all the friends I've made here over this last year-and-a-bit.

My Jigidi friends have come to mean a lot to me! and I'm grateful for them. And I'd not have met them if not for Magnus and Mette.
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many thanks to all of you for your comments and solves, and friendship :) hugs.


sure love this puzzle
it says it all
i spend to much time on here
but enjoy the puzzles and all the friends
i feel like we are all friends

thanks for posting


Great puzzling fun on the most awesome puzzle site available! Thank you Jigidi and Thank you Mazy! Grins!☺


Dear Mazy, What an outstanding tribute Puzzle to our wonderful Jigidi - thanks Magnus and Mette for brightening our days and our nights, and for all the fun and friendship and blessings we have on Jigidi xxx ♥♥♥


Oh man, I am only allowed one of them a year, and I already used it up. Looks like I may have to pay the piper for this one.


what a beautiful and eloquent comment, RR.


@Mazy you out did your self with this one my friend. I love the ones that make me think of what I have, this did just that. So without going into a life story, let me just say, THANK YOU all. It is the people that have made this place great. Lord knows you have all had to put up with me for over a year now, and haven't plotted to bring out the pitch forks and torches. ( Or have you?) With that, I pray for a blessing on ever person that uses jigidi. May your life and world always shine bright, to lead the way home for any that may be out in the dark, or cold.


Very nice Mazy. Magnus and Mette will love it. ♥


I want to express gratitude, too, to Magnus, Mette, and the many lovely people I have met here. It's not just the puzzle-solving that brings joy. (That's been fun for many years now, beginning with working puzzles with my family on hot summer days.) On Jigidi, we also seem to find our way into each others' hearts, too, over time. I've learned a lot about so many of you, -- both trials and tribulations. Thank you for letting me into your lives and for sharing some of yourselves here! And thank you, @Magnus , for establishing this haven as a kind online place where we all endeavor to keep things peaceful and supportive. Such an oasis this is!


Thank you to all the folks at jigidi for creating and maintaining this Puzzle Palace.
I have had many, many, many, hours of solving fun and just as much time spent caring, sharing, and laughing with the wonderful people I have met here.

Thank you Mazy for the opportunity to express my thanks to jigidi.


Thank you, Magnus and Mette of Jigidi, for all the joy you bring us. We appreciate the staff, posters, and solvers. Wanda


LOL well spotted! I missed that. Or maybe it's another language? like:

(except Russian doesn't have a Z)


(There's only one Z in scrabble. Someone's cheating.)


me too, Robin, LOVE scrabble!


My two favorite passtimes. Wonderful puzzle, Mazy! Again I'll say thank you M & M and everyone who has made jigidi possible. It is so AweSome!!



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