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Cody Boy on the plaid comfy chair.
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  1. CodyDog2:47
  2. ofehoyos3:34
  3. GmaBee3:38
  4. Jossvb3:49
  5. tallman4:10
  6. Arug4:50
  8. Oasis5:56
  9. Jolinka7:42
  10. thomas19508:08


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Thanks kwetal - we were happy to meet him to. We adopted each other a month ago and we're so glad we did. Jet did your puzzle with Abbey getting the little bone. Hard to believe Cody's got golden in him for his size, but it comes through in his patience.


He is DELICIOUS! So happy to meet him!


Thank you. Yes, and I just did Scoobie's puzzle from 2014 - what's Scoobie's breed? Before we adopted Cody, his foster mom had a DNA test run that baffled everyone. Thought by all to surely be part beagle, turns out he is jack russell / Chihuahua / black lab / golden. At 3 yrs he's only 24lbs and has the sweet easy disposition of a lab.


Welcome to Jigidi CodyDog, from New Zealand. Cody Boy looks very comfy sitting on his plaid chair. He reminds me of our old dog Scoobie.

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