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48 pieces
140 solves
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Thanks for sharing. Here is your html-code:

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Any way I can do this with more pieces? It would only go to 48. What a cutie!
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  1. pato681:23
  2. ReZn4201:34
  3. justjoan1:42
  4. Naekki1:46
  5. DarcyB1:49
  6. worldtvlrgirl2:07
  7. 808earline2:12
  8. hadzi2:19
  9. patepat2:27
  10. beth212:27


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What a sweet looker. I would love to have a pet pig, I hear they are very smart. I'm going to book mark your puzzle page as you have some good animal photos.

Bookish: Thanks for the help. I can't seem to get it to go over 300x300. Hmmmm....I'm no computer whiz, so it's possible that I'm missing the obvious. Oh well. Thanks!


It's working for me. Perhaps you can try. I see there's even a larger size!!

Please do a copy+paste of that entire link.


I'm pasting it in - haven't tried it yet.


Hi, I'm still here. Am trying to get link so that I can paste it here.


I assume you used the image size of 501 x 350. There is a large size available - 1600x1120. Perhaps you can access it.

Is there a way to make it larger or am I out of luck?


Indeed it's a cutie. To get more pieces, your image size has to be larger.


He could not be any cuter! I love his little buzz cut.

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