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For those getting snow - hope it doesn't last!

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Barb - this was a great so many of yours! I love the simplicity of the images. I love the repetition and the great colors just "pop!" Thanks so much!

I am so sorry Pat, Gail, and other folks for this winter event. On top of everything else it just is so bad!


My son and his family also still don't have power or water, but they're staying in a hotel, so they're fine, thank goodness! I hope your cousin gets relief soon, Gail!

Thanks again, Barb!


Pat, glad you still have power - really hope the snow stops soon for you.
Gail, sorry to hear about your cousin not having power or water. Hope she (he) is managing okay?
Ardy, glad you enjoyed the puzzle.


My cousin still doesn't have power or water.


Hello! Snuffle fluffle swoosh scrunch scoop... Oh, sorry, that was just me digging out of our current 7 inches of snow--with more falling and obliterating what I just shoveled 5 minutes ago...! In football, this would be a foul called "piling on"--really! Hey, Ma Nature, we're already down--no need to keep jumping/dumping on us!

Ah, well, we still have power, unlike some of the other areas in NY that lost it again, and also those that had to be evacuated--again! I really shouldn't complain--so many others suffered so much more with Sandy, and they are being pummeled again... Just please don't sing "Let It Snow" anywhere around here! LOL!

Thanks so much, Barb, for your good wishes, and thanks to Ardy as well for thinking of us!


I had a great time solving it, Barb. I feel so bad for Pat and the others up there. I do hope that those who have had their power restored don't lose it again. This was such a fun puzzle. Thanks so much.


Had a great time putting it together!


Glad you had fun with it, sparkles. :-)


Thanks that was fun!


You're welcome, Kirsten. Some of those poor folks who were affected by Hurricane Sandy are now getting snow on top of everything else. I did this puzzle for them. Do hope it doesn't get too bad for them. Still a lot without power. :-(


Fun puzzle Barb! Thanks. :)))

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