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Clean and Scentsible

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Christmas goodies that won't be too fattening!
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  1. popoko0:11
  2. 1y2n1530:12
  3. andie9830:12
  4. brightspark0:15
  5. evielou0:15
  6. revs89030:16
  7. Ianto0:16
  8. alta800:16
  9. treker0:17
  10. lejsen0:17


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Looks very yummy indeed - great idea and fun puzzle thx ♥


I found the picture a while ago but I didn't actually make these goodies. It looks like a tiny marshmallow on top, with the fruits underneath.


What is used for the 'bobbles' on top?


These are great!


They look so good.

Beautiful idea!


Love this yummy idea... I dip the bananas in lemon or lime juice to keep them from browning, same for apple slices!


How cute and what a great idea to add to a fruit plate!! Thanks!


Good question Sara, I was wondering how one would keep the banana from browning..........Wendy


Great idea. Might make these myself -- did you use a wooden toothpick? Also how did you keep the banana from turning brown? Merry Christmas from Sara.


What a great idea, so unique. Merry Christmas.............Wendy


We made these for our party a few days ago; they were definitely a hit!

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