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Hi there Ann, so sorry it took me this long to get to your response! Actually I have been awakened by loud noises coming from my roof! So, that's what it is huh? Well, I guess I'll just have to invite those very loud elephants inside for a nice steaming cup of tea, since they woke me up anyways, right? I see what you mean about my cats too, I have caught them in the past stifling a laugh or two now that I think on it! And they do act all innocent when I happen upon them while their up to something devious! They think their so smart but I'm totally on to them and their tricks! I don't know, I think if we humans stick together we just might have a chance against them...what say you?


Why Chica! Would I make something up?! Moi? And by the way---haven't you ever been awakened in the night by a noise that sounded like an elephant just stomped on your roof, but only it didn't repeat? You do have cats, don't you? That's another gene they inherited from the efalant---they love to make strange noises in the night. And then those little squeaky sounds you just barely hear are them giggling at your puzzlement. Ever caught one with its paw stopped upon its mouth & its eyes staring very wide at you? It just stifled its giggles when you walked up on it & almost caught it! So what does it do? It arches its back because it thinks that makes it look big like an efalant & then very innocently rubs against your leg while letting out a stifled "Meow" to hide the fact that it's cracking up at how gullible you are. Yep, cats are weird efalant descendants, I kid you not. We humans don't stand a chance against them..........


Hi Mamacita' yes they most certainly are! L.O.L. Yes I do remember that they love to pounce on you when you least expect it, sometimes from great heights, that's the worst! Cat's are descended from elephants? Really Mamacita' I think your making that up! L.O.L. Your so funny! So THAT'S what my two cats are doing when they peep at me with one eye slitted open & the other shut huh? I'll have to keep an eye on them then, because they seem to do a lot of that lately! Tee hee hee..........


Ahhhh, hahaha---paybacks are a b_ _ _ch! Even if you watch your back, your back will never be safe. Cats love to pounce from ambush, remember? And they are descended from elephants & still carry some traits---where do you think the purring came from? Ever heard of the rumbling sounds elephants make? ---and they NEVER forget! What do you think they're doing when they sit all still & quiet and peep at you with one eye slitted open & the other shut? Why, they're remembering & plotting! heeheehee..........


Cappy- No, I'd say not! L.O.L. Poor little kitty!

Pink- Yes, but I don't blame him, mommy and daddy forgot about him! Poor, poor kitty! L.O.L.

Anitas- Ohhhhhhhhhh yah, just you wait mommy and daddy, I'll get you back just you wait and see! L.O.L. I feel so sorry for the poor kitty, being forgotten like that! ;-)))))))))

Patti- I know, isn't that just awful! L.O.L. Poor kitty! Gosh, I'd feel so bad if I left my kitties outside all night and forgot about them! And believe me, they would never let me hear the end of it! L.O.L.

Gene- Yah, I think so Gene! And VERY peed off at his mommy and daddy too! L.O.L.

Adrianna- L.M.A.O. Oh my gosh Adrianna, you are soooooooooo funny! But, you know what I think I'd probably do the same thing! L.O.L.


If i were this cat i pee in the room wen the let me in.


Think he may be chilled a little Monica ????????????? LOL


Awwww, poor baby!


And just wait until you do let me in................


Sad cat!

he's not a happy camper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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