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For JCarroll and Milady: We Have The Power

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One of the reasons I am thankful that I am alive (this time...;oP ) in this technological era is that I can meet kindred spirits from all over the planet, and lament the Know-It-Alls and the misunderstoods while cozy in my jammies in my overly air-conditioned abode. What a lovely concept! And as I sit here sipping my morning java from my favorite java mug and reply to all I missed yesterday...I think to meself "Heeeeeeyyyy....I wonder if Kate has one of these....???"

(There's a lil fun thrown at ya. Let's see what you do with it!!) :oD


Maybe that's why we enjoy children so much NOW - because it reminds us of our essential spirit. That's the great thing about gaining in human knowledge though - the more we Know, we realize how vast the area is that we don't know - and never will and even if we did, we couldn't control. "Know-it-Alls" know so incredibly little - and it's just too bad they don't keep quiet about it. Take good care of you - you're worth it. And laugh whenever you have an opportunity. Glad to know a kindred spirit.


That's so odd that you say that about when you were a child. I was told many times by many wise old women that I was an "old soul" and I asked questions that got me kicked out of Catholic School for not having "blind faith" and actually THINKING for meself. Oh, the HORROR!! I too feel that I was wiser and more in tune with the universe when I was much younger. Somehow, all the struggles and getting knocked on me arse over and over and over have taken their toll on me, and I often feel that I now know only that I know nothing. But most of the time I'm ok with that. It makes me feel human ;oP


Yes, playing with children is one of the pure delights of life. When I was a child, I was very old but I'm so much younger now. Thanks for your care. This is one of the gifts of life to feel this Universal connection between people who have never met but have a bond through thought and spirit. What a pleasure. For me, I think maybe Wisdom is in part, the Courage to change the things I can but the Serenity to accept that I may not see the change immediately - or ever - but have the trust to know that it's there. And I also think that sometimes Wisdom is just letting go in laughter. Loved the shark!!! Love the flow of your words. Thanks


Isn't it a beauty, Javasage? Thanks for commenting!! :o)

You're very welcome, JC. I know how you love the hot colors, and this one just burns, doesn't it?

And Milady Kate, I could feel that you were going thru some "stuff" and felt helpless to do anything, other than give you a picture show and some black and white words that hopefully were read in color. Our journeys are long and hard and too often traveled alone, but when it gets deep inside like a bone-chilling winter's day and morphs into loneliness, it is hard to ever find the warmth again. I'm glad you found it, and I hope you are stronger and your blood thicker for having gone there. Just like the shark, sometimes the answers are right there in front of us; it's amazing how we just didn't see...

I know that Serenity prayer and have prayed it many times. Wisdom...the elusive, silent third partner. When I feel like I've lost touch with wisdom, I play with kids...and often it's like the pieces of a jig shifting into place. It's really so simple, yet we've made it so hard for ourselves. I'm glad your pieces shifted for you this week. You are a shining star, and I'm really glad you're twinkling in my sky LOL :oD


Thanks Susie, it's beautiful and powerful and I really appreciate your posting it. It's a good reminder. I'm one who believes we all have everything!!! Do you know the Serenity prayer?? I went to some ACA meetings a while ago - one of the 12 step programs - and meetings are closed with it. "Give me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the Courage to change the things I can, And the Wisdom to know the difference." I'm actually quite good at the first two but it's that third part that is so tough for me. Which to do when? I think perhaps I need to achieve the "serenity" to accept that Wisdom is different things at different times and we probably all get perplexed seeking it - but have to keep trying. After many weeks of stress, confusion and some real loneliness (which is very different from aloneness, which I need in abundance) I was finally deep in the abyss and then things really started resolving themselves Tuesday night. There's much better balance now in my life. Both power and tranquility have emerged again. I'm feeling a lot of gratitude. Thanks for your pics and words of support. Although I love puzzles of all kinds, jigidi has become much more. Amazing


I love this...stunning pic! Thanks ;-)


One of my favorite pics, so much energy, so powerful. For my 2 new friends, JC and Milady Kate, may the energy fill you and recharge you and help you see that it really is true: it is WE who have the power. You just have to find it. Enjoy!! :o)

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