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November 2001- Goofie at ±6 months old.

Everyone knows that cardboard boxes are hard to resist by a cat.....but not by Goofie though! He loved his soft kitty bed (bottom right there's a little piece of it visible) and his box was used for storaging his toys! After he made it very clear he didn't want anything else to do with the box, we took it away and put his soft bed in the spot....which was successful for the rest of his years!!!!☺☺
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♥♥♥ I'm so glad you did ... wouldn't have found this group without Goofie. ♥♥♥
Since Ella mentioned paper's one more, also at 3mo old:


Thanks, Nancy....and thanks again for the tag, I love to see your Wimsey and his antics as a baby. He was and still is such a handsome and cute kitty boy! ♥

I love to share the sweet memories of my special kitty boy in speech and photos. :-)
Yes, he for sure lived the life of a prince and we were glad to be his servants♥
I'm so grateful that my best friend forwarded me a Jigidi puzzle in 2012. Without Jigidi not many people would have ever seen him, let alone worldwide! He became very famous and loved and yet he stayed his "sweet down to earth self"... :-))


Love this story, Impie...and all the related stories shared in the entertaining how each kitty responds to what's around them. Goofie was a prince even then and a plush bed a much better throne than a box. LOL :-DD.

I used to cut little opening into box sides through which to tease with toys.... loved this one of Wimsey (3mo old) asleep on the box side (now sagging), a paw hanging through one of the openings.


Thanks, Pammi. I'm so glad that I have those sweet baby photos of's fun to browse through them and see how he matured and stayed lovely all his life♥♥♥


Dear Little Goofie - gorgeous at six months of age and he stayed that way all of his well-lived life. You are never forgotten, beautiful boy. ♥♥♥


Thank you, GG. He had (too) many toys and did play with some only every now and then. He did love to play with a Brussels sprout, and his most favorite toy he enjoyed for many years, was a piece of washing line (abt. 40 cm long)...he'd take one end in his mouth and tried to catch the other end, it was hilarious to watch him chase it all over the floor of the loft! LOL

He sure was, could also well be that he was traumatized by the 'cat' box he was put in when we took him with us to his forever home!??? ☺

Too funny, Lynetteoz....Willow is a special girl :-) I bet a soft bed is way too warm for her where you are and a wet towel is of course much cooler! Very smart of her! :-)


Our Willow's box has collapsed but it doesn't seem to worry her. She has hardly ever used a soft bed like Goofie though but loves wet towels to sleep on :-)


Goofie was a smart kitty. He knew comfortable was best.


Oh, how adorable!! Looks like he had quite a stash of toys! ☺☺ Thanks so much for this puzzle!!


Hi Ella, at least your Kailey would hop in the box to check it out....Goofie wasn't interested full stop!;-))
He would 'fish' his toys out of the box sometimes even used both paws, but I don't think that counts for being 'in' the box!? ;-))


Yeah Betty, Goofie was the first kitty I knew who didn't like boxes! Our Lucky was huge but he would get himself in a shoe box ....Happy loved boxes too, but he shredded them all to pieces ....even a thick banana box!:-))

Glad you enjoyed the story of "Goofie and the cardboard box", megabelle;-))
He really had a mind of his own ♡!

Thank you, Anne, yes, they have their own special way to tell us what they want or what the don't want! Your Atsutsa was also a handsome kitty boy and a charmer...♡

Exactly, Faye, that's what he must've thought!;-)))

Yeah, Jimmy and his boxes...he always reminded me of our Happy. When I learned that Jimmy also shredded cardboard boxes it was a feast of recognition, as I never known a kitty before Happy to do that ....last time maegi was on line, she wasn't well...I hope she and Jimmy are OK now...


Some kitties just don't care about boxes. My Kailey would hop in, but only to check it out for a few minutes and then move on. She liked a paper bag better, but once the bag got smashed, forget it!

I guess keeping all his play pretties in an organized place made more sense to Goofie.

Oh yes, Faye, I remember Jimmy and his boxes! He could destroy a box like nobody's business! I still keep him bookmarked to check on him now and then.


Why settle for a cardboard box when you can have comfy stuffing? ;DDD

When you mention boxes, I always think of Jimmy...wonder how they're doing...


Ah yes....cats have their preferences, unique to each one as well as their ways of communicating what they want. Hi, Goofie, you are a beautiful cat.


LOL..Goofie had his own special way!!!❣️Wonderful story❣️

How much fun! Around here no box is safe and has to pass multiple cat inspections to make sure all is well. Leave it to Goofie to do it his way! ♥♥♥

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