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Only 1 vacant port, and 2 goldfinches waiting

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This was a busy time on the feeders. On the arms of the feeder station there were queues of birds waiting their turn to feed. If it didn't come soon enough for them, then bombing techniques or just plain aggression appeared to be the solution.
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  1. moyrita4:29
  2. ian19485:19
  3. breinaald035:33
  4. fredf7:17
  5. wildani8:09
  6. Kalloni8:21
  7. lucero0213:14


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I can only imagine what it's like to feed this many birds.


I seam to have acquired a flock or charm of about 30 goldfinches, who spread themselves over these and my feeders. The blues tits prefer the 2 smaller feeders I have with protective cages that are near a clematis for cover. The goldfinches do not like them so its their own territory, which they share with the nuthatches and other tits.


Fabulous! We get a lot of goldfinches, too. They like to stay & scoff, while the blue tits tend to grab & go so, while the goldfinches are squabbling, the blues take their opportunity to nip in & quickly snatch a beakful! I haven't seen as many as this at my feeders, though! TFP

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