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Autumn Equinox - I tried to catch the sun so that winter would not come

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  1. Dclo2:10
  2. Biscuit742:25
  3. glenestele2:51
  4. Grump3:28
  5. hershey13:32
  6. Pekaji3:47
  7. LinM4:15
  8. alias2v4:16
  9. smpitino4:25
  10. Villemo864:28


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Beautiful picture and I love the title! :)


I want you to stay the professor, and Mazy, and get credit for all of the things you know. Dang it.


Dear Friends, I'm still here and still me. Just had a bit of Jigidi tummy-ache, I guess you might put it, when my new avatar was met with reactions I did not expect (or intend). Although no Jigidi users said anything to me personally about it, it has none-the-less been seen as something aggressive and I guess? people reported me for it? Instead of responding to me directly. Which says something....

The whole thing kind of put me off Jigidi; a 60 yr old professor guy could put a pretty blonde girl in a hat as his avatar, and post the profile I have posted, saying, this might not be me, and, "Think about how you think", and it would be a lark, even if he'd catfished a few men in on the basis of the girl in the hat.

I'm the girl in the hat, saying "Think about how you think," and being transparent that I am NOT the professor, but that is frowned upon.

By people who clearly need to think about how they think, I guess.

But I'm not allowed to think - wait - what?

How DARE I take up the mantle of an average 60 year old white man!!


@LinM and @Mazy I think that Mazy has disappeared and taken on a new avatar and name, with a photo not associated with humans. I wonder if you will check your Mazy messages? Hope so.


I'm so glad for all of us @Tincup & @Mazy !


@Mazy I like your trans action. I like you as a male or female. I like you better as a female. It didn't work for me so I had to quit. What I did was more extreme though, taking on a whole different avatar. I agree with you that there are times here when women who know technical stuff and share it are more often dismissed and disrespected, especially by other women!


@Mazy , I've got to say that I'm distressed at your trans action here. I really enjoy you as a female! -- And, yes, I take you seriously despite (because of?) your gender. :-)


we had a cool, damp summer, and have had a cool, damp September so far. So I think we just have to give up on the idea of the perfect beach day this year....


Thanks for trying, Mazy! The weather is finally pleasant (if unseasonably warm). Perhaps Fall will give us what Summer neglected, this year.


I'm o glad you guys enjoyed it.


What a beautiful picture. Love it.


What a beautiful composition.

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