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Jan And Jennifer On The Red Carpet For Musical Composition

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How wonderful that y'all are Covid free. Hopefully we will get there some time too.

I just sent you something that tells how to make a private puzzle as I don't know how to do it either. Hopefully you will be able to figure it out. Sleep well my friend. Sweet dreams. Sending you big hugs and lots of love. Cyndi



Hi Cyndi. We were fortunate in this one.The Prime Minister has eased and removed restrictions. She declared Barbados yesterday to be Covid free.
We have no new cases and those who have been in quarantine have now recovered from the Virus.

I would love to do the P.Puzzle with you. I will have to find out how it is done though.
Not hard I do not think and one two of us will be able to read it.
If you do not know how to I will ask someone I can trust without calling names. But let me know if you know first. I believe we have to start with a picture that is not on Jigidi.
You can get back to me as soon as you are ready. I am ready when you are Cyndi.
Will be in touch tomorrow. Sleep well and sweet dreams Hon. Love and hugs back to you my friend ♥ Haze


@Haze2 So good to hear from you my friend. It is going to take time my easy with yourself. Everyone grieves in their own time. There is no set time to go through it. You know you are neve alone....

Since our number of viruses have gone up the governor has made it mandatory for everyone to wear a mask outside of their homes and still keep social distancing. Unfortunately a lot of people did not heed wearing masking and social distancing hence the spike. The age of people getting the virus now are young people in their 20's up to 35.

Today we are under An Air Quality Alert due to the Sahara Desert Dust that has made it all the way over here. They advise people to stay in especially those with breathing problems.

I am surprised that flights will be able to fly back in after July 12th. The EU has stopped all American flights there. I think what Barbados is doing with asking for a Covid 19 test verification done 72 hours before travel is wonderful. Getting fined is also good. People are going to have to realize they have to be considerate of others.

Y'all are way ahead of us with schools going to be reopened, restaurants and bars.

You know me quite well my friend...I am a homer. This staying home hasn't bothered me one bit.

I was thinking since you know how to post so many puzzles maybe you could make a private one for just you and me. Others might not be interested in reading what we have to say. Just a thought. If you do, please let me know it is OUR puzzle.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday my friend. Sending you cyber hugs and lots of love.



Hi Cyndi. This was taken some years back, and they were attending the show, not receiving any award but on the red carpet nevertheless. Jennifer was her sister-in-law. Husband's sister. Still coming to grips child. God is awesome and He comforts us all.

Curfew ends at midnight on June 30th. We are coming to the end of our Lockdown but masks must still be worn and social distancing is still in place but now at 3ft. or one metre.

International flights will be back in from July 12th with Air Canada being the first flight in from Toronto, followed by British Airways from Gatwick, Jetblue from JFK Int. American Airlines from JFK and Virgin Atlantic from Heathrow Int. Passengers must show their verification of Covid -19 test done 72 hours prior to travel. Those without will pay S150.00US fee and be tested at a Special airport facility.

Restaurant, bars night clubs all gatherings must not be in access of 500 persons. Special permission needed if it exceeds that number. Churches will be re-opened, nurseries and schools....everything. We still have to be careful though. My family will not taking any chances with this mysterious pandemic. I love home and I will hardly be going anywhere. All my comforts are at home. Supermarket and pharmacy and the bank yes, but will not even be going to the beach for some time. We might get some exercise on the boardwalk some evenings. We will see. Enough about us.

I know that you are a homer like me. Have they eased up on any restrictions there as yet? Let me know. Have a wonderful Sunday my friend. Sending love and hugs your way as usual. ♥♥


Yes,a great picture, Haze. One for the album of memories for you!


What a great picture Haze of your sister and Jennifer. Is Jennifer a friend of you sister's? How wonderful they got an award for musical composition. Hope you are doing good. I'm fine. Still wearing my mask, going to the grocery store when I have to, and staying home and reading and on Jigidi. Sending you big hugs and lots of love.

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