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Potpourri356 - Large - rj

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256 pieces
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For smaller puzzle sizes 0 to 150 pieces please see "InConcert35_Small". For all small puzzles pre June 2016 please check all old puzzles under InConcert35.

"InConcert35" will now be used for all large puzzles sized 150 to 400. Enjoy! :D

~ Robyn ~
Please feel free to call me Robyn in lieu of InConcert35. :D
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  1. offpainting13:07
  2. troutmma13:59
  3. threeseas16:38
  4. Ellei17:08
  5. Ladders17:13
  6. Arria17:21
  7. Missie17:47
  8. pianocatsandtea18:07
  9. mm6018:45
  10. simoneb19:35


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Hi Jude. So nice to hear from you again. Yes, all is well here in Toronto. We just finished a 2nd coronavirus wave in which I was quite hunkered down to keep safe. And while January was mild as Winters go, February is hitting back just to remind us of what it normally is like; we're in a polar vortex they say, very cold, Brrrr and snow on and off but also more sunshine. Anyway it won't be long before Spring is in the air and the days are getting longer and longer, so I shall weather them both, the Winter and Covid-19. With people being vaccinated around the world hopefully Summer and the end of the year will bring some interesting changes. Continue to stay safe my dear. And as always, I'm very happy you found this in your bookmarks and enjoyed it. :D


Hello, my friend. I’ve been going through my bookmarks, and found this lovely puzzle. It was great. I need to download some more to keep me well stocked. Thanks, Robyn. I hope Toronto is weathering the pandemic well, and that you are safe and sound.


Hi Timmie! I'm very happy you did. ;-) :D


Loved the puzzle!


Hi Susan! Thank you kindly. I'm very pleased you enjoyed it. :D


Wonderful puzzle as always! Thanks Robyn!

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