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Pattern Clouds!! ~ H

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I made all the elements in this puzzle from scratch. I absolutely love making my puzzles, and I hope you love solving them. (❛ᴗ❛)
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You're most welcome, Mahalo! I'm really glad that you had a good time with this one! (❛ᴗ❛)

What an enjoyable beauty! Thanks.


I hear ya, honey. Soap boxes all 'round! LOL! (❛ᴗ❛)


Absolutely spot on, Kirsten! We ARE so entitled these days, but I still remember some tough times, outside loos, no bathing facilities, lack of food etc.
Not nearly half as tough as our parents went through, but they were determined to teach us kids the value of a pound, and survival skills.

We may appear to have it all, but we really don't. We live in such an unrealistic world, which creates frailty.
I'm just so grateful we can remember the integrity of our parents/ancestors, and we are thankful to them for instilling the same in us.
Gotta hang on to it as long as we can ...

Oopsies, my turn to clamber down noo ... 😂😂


I think the one up side to living with so little though, is to truly value what's important in life. These days we're so (comparatively) wealthy - we value nothing! We buy stuff we don't need. Then chuck it out. And buy more stuff we don't need. We buy status symbols. We present (apparently) perfect lives through social media - showing off what we have and what we do.

And it's all lead to fragility, a lack of resilience and lack of purpose.

I think about my dad, with his hands in the dirt, growing vegies. Sitting around the kitchen table - eating and talking. Knowing the neighbours. Wanting to build a better life for his community.

We got it all. But it's not what we needed..... They had little. But they focused on what's important.

Ooopsy. Soz. Got a little philosophical here. Time to clamber down off the soap box..... (❛ᴗ❛)


YES indeed, Kirsten they had a very hard life, and we could never imagine living like that. Poverty, wars, rationing etc. AND little mouths to feed.
But they are very passionate people, and my dad had an equally bad temper, which we saw more of than we'd have liked.
I think it's a generational thing ...

Yes, the role reversal is inevitable for us, and it is difficult to watch.
But it's an honour to repay our parents back, for all they sacrificed for us 🤗


Glad you found it, and loved it, Ann! It was fun for me too - to work with a new design! (❛ᴗ❛)


He was definitely a product of his childhood, Debs. He lost his dad in the war when he was very young, and his mum did the best for her young family as a single mum - but they were dirt poor. He talked about not having enough to eat, coming home from school to find themselves evicted, and their belongings out on the street etc. But his mum valued education and independent thinking. Through hard work he managed to get himself through uni - so secured a profession, rather than the manual labour/factory work that his parents had. And he was very interested in building a better society - so was interested in left-wing politics - not running - but working behind the scenes to support those that did in the movements he valued. His childhood taught him what things were important in life. Not stuff. People. Community. Environment. But he wasn't perfect. He had a quick temper. Which we unfortunately saw more of than I think we would have otherwise - partly I think due to an unhappy marriage..... Swings and roundabouts....

Glad you still have your parents! But I hear you about the changes as they age. Our (me and my sisters) are definitely experiencing the role reversal of becoming the carers rather than the cared for. Which is all good! But it can be hard.

And cheers to hope! 🥂 💕


I'm glad that I went back and found this wonderful puzzle that I had missed. Love the patterns on the fluffy clouds. Thanks Kirsten!


Aww, I'm so glad you had a wonderful dad Kirsten!

Their generation were all hard working, and pillars of strength to us.
Of course, you will always miss him 🥰
I am so blessed to still have both my parents, but they are becoming very frail, and it's heartbreaking to watch. The swings and roundabouts of life eh ... sigh

Yes ... oldies ARE goodies 🤣🤣
Here's to always having hope!


He was amazing, Debs! I don't reckon there were too many practical problems he couldn't solve. And just an all-round good bloke. Hard working, caring, and a real passion for being involved in the community and making it better. I miss him every day.......

And old nurses know stuff, right? Including you - focusing on hope! (❛ᴗ❛)


I laughed reading the story about your dad, Kirsten. Improvisation skills or what!
Sounds like my dad 🤣

Fresh air and oxygen, are my go to with wounds. It may not be everybody's choice, but I have seen it work. I remember when I worked with the sick kids, a wee toddler had a really bad wound that no dressing would work for. We were all out of ideas, and an older nurse said try oxygen, we have nothing to lose. So we applied it with the oxygen cannister tubing 4 times a day, and 10 days later, there was hardly a trace of it left. 'Twas great stuff!

I know how I would have liked to reply to that comment, but that would have gotten my account closed down 🤣 Petra is a gem, taking that little 'sitch' out of my hands!

We gotta have hope, and that's what keeps me going!
You take good care of yourself, and I hope you're feeling a little better every day 🥰🤗


Thanks for more of your great nursing advice, Debs! I'm a big believer in things like fresh air and sunshine to aid healing too! Alas, it's winter here - so a little heard to get my belly out! LOL! But, if we have a nice day over the weekend, and I can find a private spot in the garden - I might just do that!

And I reckon the ol "settle Gretal/settle petal" might have been a bit too tame under the circumstances! But we can't always say what we think, can we? Yay for Petra though!

Glad you're doing OK. Methinks you have bucket loads of resilience! I'm in awe! ❤️❤️❤️


Oh, my CaliCat. That sounds like quite the injury! But excellent news that it's nearly fully healed with no loss of motion/function. You must be healthy, and a good patient!

And I LOVE your ingenuity with the pool noodle! Reminds me of something my dad did, many many years ago - when the (locking style) handle came off our (round shouldered) old fridge. So all the food was locked in! He worked out that it was some kind of lever action that was in the guts of the handle, and worked out that a tyre lever (the kind that was used to pop off the hub caps in those days) was a good work around. Brilliant! He was an engineer, so solving these kinds of issues were what he was really good at. However, in the old "swings and roundabouts" game - he was also a terrible procrastinator! So, to the best of my memory, that fridge handle was never fixed, and we used the tyre lever until the day the fridge died! LOL! (❛ᴗ❛)


Great news, glad to hear that CaliCat!
Don't be stunt pulling just yet 😂
I like that analogy, it just takes more time, and sometimes the aid of 'props', to solve the injury puzzle 😍 A noodle, LOL!


Yay Kirsten, Big Girl panties always work! As long as there's no pus leaking, and the wound is clean and dry, you'll be just fine. I would encourage letting the air around it, if you can, oxygen is a great healer.

To say I was gob smacked by the comment, is an understatement!
I chose not to respond, 'cos I'd probably have been rudeish to a degree!
I was very tempted to use your line, in retort : Settle Gretel 🤣🤣 LOL, how fun would that have been????

Petra (solidrock5806) replied, and she tagged the 'user' with 'here's why', referring to a comment I'd left about my change in circumstances. Must've irked her too, and 'twas nice of her to support me.

You may be right, I think these folks think these jigsaws are rolled 'hot off the press', by some sort of machine! If only eh 🤣🤣 Sigh ...
A little gratitude, goes a loooong way with the human creators!
My 'upstairs' always thinks, if you don't have anything kind, or positive to say ... just don't say anything! Jigidi is meant to be fun, and kind.

It is nice to have our little support group 🤗 To have a little vent, here and there is very good for our souls, and the most important thing is, we defo get each other!

I'm just fine, thanks. I'm still keeping the glass half full for now.
You haven't been remiss at all, you had your dangerous little bugger to contend with! Yikes, I can't imagine I'd be thinking about anyone else at a time like that either. NO ma'am! And I also get the 'fixer' in you, I'm like that too.

You take care of yourself, and you'll soon be back to entertaining us with huge doses of your 'full on' silliness. YAY to that!
And thanks so much for your support 😍🤗

RandomWorship, I broke my upper femural bone (Shoulder) in several places on January 30th. Debs, it's doing very well. I have most of my range of motion back. I just have not ventured to do any push-ups due to being a touch afraid of reinjury. My last orthopedic visit is next Monday. I did end up propping my head up by resting my chin on a pool noodle that I wedged between my legs! Injuries are like complicated puzzles. They require the thought: "Now how am I going to solve this one?"


How is your shoulder doing, CaliCat?
I could never sleep like that, it's an ugly 'horizontal splat', or nothing for me 🤣🤣


Oh my goodness, CaliCat - I would find it very hard to sleep sitting up! Amongst other things, I think I would need a brace to hold my head upright - otherwise it might end up one of my shoulders - and that would create a huge crick! Well done you for managing to do that. And I hope that whatever it was that led to you having to sleep sitting up, was temporary and is resolved.

Glad you like my clouds too! And thanks for letting me know. (❛ᴗ❛)


Hurrah! I was brave and took the dressings off. And everything seems OK - to my untrained eye anyway. Nothing fell off or leaked out. Ewww. LOL! Thanks for the strong encouragement. Sometimes I need that!

And I'm shocked at that comment too! I have a theory that I'm not sure I can clearly articulate - but I do think that there's something about being an online environment, where people (users) sometimes think that it's a big ol' corporation pushing out the content - and not just a regular person like you or me. It's the only way I can rationalise critical/negative/rude comments. It's the only way I can make sense of "I don't like it" kind of comments. Because, surely, if those people were dealing with someone in real life - who say baked them a cake, or made them a home made card - would the first thing they say be "I don't like it"? I would like to think that most folks would say "Thanks! I really appreciate that"! And hopefully not even mention that they would have preferred vanilla over chocolate. Or that blue isn't their favourite colour and they would have preferred yellow.

Wouldn't they? Wouldn't they? I would! You would! But not all folks are like you and me. Sigh. I don't geddit. I'm sorry that there can be some thoughtless (at the generous end of the scale) and rude (at the other end of the scale) people out there. In the meantime, I guess we have our own little support group - where we can safely let off steam with each other. Take care Debs. Which reminds me, I've been remiss in checking in with you to see how you're going girl. I hope all is OK. But it's also OK to say if it's not. Although truth be told, I do like to be able to "fix" things. So sometimes feel a bit uncomfy with those things that are outside of my control, and that I can't fix. So if things aren't so great, I'll do my best to be a comfort and not all awkward. 😊

I hope you mend quickly. Having to sleep sitting up for a few weeks, I celebrated any horizontal sleeping when it returned (who knew?). There is also a stage with no "extra" pillows (so good).

I am thrilled by the beautiful clouds.


No worries, Kirsten. Every day there should be a small improvement in the tenderness department.
Oh I hear you about the side sleeping, I could never sleep on my back! And no matter what you do, your body is going to just assume the position during the night. But you'll soon be back to your normal routine.
And don't be scared to take the dressing off, it will be just fine. BIG girl panties, and all that 😂

It really is stressful to create, especially when we are so self critical, and spend literally hours on end, trying to produce something 'presentable'.
Me thinks lots of folks don't understand what the pressure is like either.
I had someone comment the other day, 'what happened to the rest of the days of the week? I used to look forward to them every day, now it only happens Fridays and Saturdays??????' Crass or what? How very dare they 😂
Obviously didn't take the time to read the info I had put up weeks ago, nor did they ponder 'Hmmm, I wonder if everything is okay' ... like I did when you were AWOL last weekend!

Anyhoo, get yourself off over to the solving dept!
It's SO much more enjoyable 😁


Thanks Debs. As an ex nurse, maybe this will all resonate, but yesterday was day three post-op and I really feel like I turned a corner. Definitely not fully recovered, or anything. But not quite as tender and sore. And even managed to sleep on my side last night, which is my preferred position - and wasn't possible before. I think that it must have put too much stretch/tension on the wound sites, or something. So I had been sleeping on my back. But that is absolutely not a position I sleep in, so I was struggling a bit. Because, in my sleep, I would automatically assume my preferred position. And then wake up in big pain! Yowee! And in other good news on the sleep front, I managed to sleep for more than an hour at a time. I think I adapted to quickly to be woken up during the night for observation checks when in the hospital - and was finding myself waking up hourly or two hourly even when I was home. Grrrrr.

Now I just have to be brave enough to take the dressings off - which for some reason feels a bit scary. But hopefully it will be OK.

And yep - I really do stress myself out with re-working/re-creating my designs. Although, in fairness, sometimes version 1 of any design that I've never made before is a complete experiment - to see if it's possible to pull it off - and those "prototypes" could never be post-able.

Anyhoo. Enough of blathering about puzzle-making! I'm off to do some solving! So see you at your place soon! (❛ᴗ❛)


Small is better than none at all, Kirsten. I'm really looking forward to the return of your silliness 🤣 and I'm so glad you're on the mend!

Not the old hunners of messing around, and umpteen hours of work again!
You and I seem to have a little penchant for that never ending hamster wheel 🤣🤣

'Twas a lovely solve 😍


Aww. Thanks Debs! I'm definitely feeling better each day. But they are small increments of improvement. Really hoping that by the weekend, I'll be nearly feeling "normal"! Which can only mean one thing. SILLINESS! LOL!! (❛ᴗ❛)

And glad you liked my clouds. I'm sure this will resonate - but this isn't version one. I mucked about with this one for ages! But was pretty happy with this version - so posted it was! (❛ᴗ❛)


Pretty little clouds, Kirsten. Makes a nice change to our black and grey ones!
I also loved the blue hues in the background.
Thanks so much 😍


Welcome back, Kirsten!
No fuss, just wishing you a speedy recovery back to your silly self!
I missed ya 😍💐


Hi everyone. Just wanted to explain my absence over the last few days. But please don't make a fuss about it! I'm not good with that!! Anyway, I started experiencing some abdominal pain last Thursday, which got much worse on Friday. On checking for similar symptoms on a reputable government health website - I was pretty sure it was appendicitis. So took myself off to hospital on Friday afternoon, where it was confirmed appendicitis after a bunch of tests, and I was admitted. I had the surgery on Saturday night, and am now back home again - feeling a bit tender, and worse for wear. But I hope to be feeling better by the weekend. And if that comes true, should be able to make and post some puzzles then.

You might see me out and about though, because I hope to be able to do some solving for myself before then.

Anyways, like I said, I just wanted to explain why I suddenly dropped off the Jigidi planet, and let you know what happened. And definitely no need for a fuss made of it! Even though I know it would be with the best intentions from you all. ❤❤❤


Awww. Thanks Bob! Glad you liked this one - even though it's not a concentric!! (❛ᴗ❛)

Another winner from my friend Kirsten.

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