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_gunner 2

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~Gunner the Sitting Dog~
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He's adorable!! I'm so sorry you had to give up your doggies!!!! I'm happy that they were adopted out again :)) I love Dachshunds as our 1st dog was one. I love all dogs though. Now that I have my own house, we hope to adopt one from a shelter in the spring.




I pray that they are now in their "forever home"! You did the best that you could and I'm sure they knew they were very much loved!!! TFS


In Honor of Him who I had to give back to the Shelter due to illness @ the time in 2010. I cry now & I cried then along w/his Mate Ginger. Before the illness I thought everything was okay in life so I adopted him & his mate & enjoyed them for almost 1 year (they stole my heart & she looks just like him, except sweeter). They were in the Shelter b/c the old couple passed away & their Family did not want them (@least they were honest). Gunner was hyper & always needy & would eat all Ginger's food if she wasn't fast enough (she wasn't fast enough, so I separated them). He was so lovable & clingy (I still miss both of them). Ginger was sweet, laid back & a snuggler & she loved Gunner w/ all his antics. They were very well trained, they were perfect except Ginger's anal Glands had to be extracted monthly (no problem, the Vet took care of that). I Thank-God for the short time I had them & I did check w/the Shelter often until they were adopted out again. Yes they were.

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