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Into the wide blue yonder. Head away tomorrow to our favourite summer holiday spot. Will be away for a couple of weeks, my visits to Jigidi will be more random. This photo was taken yesterday by one of our sons that is already up there. Ligar Bay, Golden Bay Area, NZ.
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Thanks Suzy, first day going well, just had lunch of salmon caught, smoked and eaten this morning!

Lea thank you, it’s very lovely.


Have fun Jill, looks so serene.


Have a wonderful time, Jill!!!


Judy I hope so too! It is a very relaxing place. Thank you 💕


Thank you Val, I’m sure we will. Hope you are continuing to feel a little stronger. Hugs 💕🤗


Thanks Dobra, we at our half way point of the journey, stopping a night here


That looks very relaxing and enjoyable. I hope you have a lovely time and everyone stays healthy! ❤️😎🌞🌅


Oh Jill it looks so beautiful, have a wonderful time with your family, look forward to the many photos Hugs💖💖


Happy journey!


An oldie but a goodie.


Now there’s an interesting saying Juba :)


Oh no! No good deed goes unpunished.


Thanks Patti, I’m sure we will.

Thank you Nev, I do hope it will be without incidents as we’ve had those before getting away - our eldest sons car broke down before Christmas and they couldn’t fix it before they went away so youngest son lent him his car and he was going to use his work one. Safely delivered to his brother, next night STOLEN! Unbelievable


Have a good, safe holiday, Jill. We're not envious (not much!) ♥♥♥


Have a terrific couple of week in that gorgeous blue yonder!


Daasha certainly the plan anyway. Thank you 💕

Cyndi glad you like it and thank you for the good wishes

Ha Robbie :) no way, wouldn’t have even put toes in the sea in Nov down there. Thanks mate

Ed thank you so much 😊

Thanks Jerry lol yep random keeps it interesting 😄Thank you

Voronica thanks so much, it is lovely knowing that I’ll find my Jigidi friends still there 😘

Janet thank you my friend, I’m sure I’ll manage some photos to share with you. 🤗


Thank you so much Beth, I appreciate that


Have a wonderful time Jill and bring back lots of photos for us to see. Hugs my friend. 💕


Jillian, have enough fun for us all! Enjoy your time away with the family and grands. See you when we see you, we'll be here when you get back . . . Hugs*


@JillianB ENJOY! As for random, nuts! I post most every day and all of them are random!


Jill, I hope you have a great vacation. Enjoy!


I was thinking this was your puzzle from November at the Otago Peninsula Jill, but I guess not. Enjoy yourselves and thanks for the lovely puzzle!


Have a great vacation Jill. Love this photo

Jill, have a wonderful vacation. I wish you beautiful weather. Thanks for the beautiful photo. 💕😊💕😉💕


Wishing you a continuation of this glorious weather and a safe and happy time.


Thank you so much Petra, I’m sure there will be some pics 😊


Thanks so much Chelsey and yes it is 😊

Lunie I love the multiple shades of blue too, thank you for your good wishes. 🤗

Lol Janet, that’s good and thank you 😊

California is lovely but you are right it is great not to have to fight for a good spot on the beach. Thank you Juba I appreciate your wishes.

Jacki I love the sea in all its moods, thank youn


Enjoy Your trip and come back safe. And maybe You are taking some pikkies :O)


What a lovely place for a vacation. Thank you Jill!


California is a beautiful place to live, but it is so overrun with humans. I envy you your beautiful uncrowded beaches. Enjoy your lovely family!


Not really jealous...have fun!


The skies and seas so blue, wish you so much fun as you are gone my friend. Thanks Jill.


Have a great holiday with your family, Jill. This looks like a perfect place for quiet summer vacation. Thank you.

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