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I posted another puzzle today that showed an antique store in Montana. I had previously posted a photo of this kitty cat that I had taken of the animal outside the store. When I purchased something and went inside the store the cat followed and jumped up on the counter where I quickly snapped this photo before he moved again.
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  1. spencersmom3:52
  2. spotto4:45
  3. silke4:49
  4. thebetterhalf6:01
  5. hadzi6:08
  6. Yoav6:14
  7. dianajnelson6:29
  8. leprahl6:46
  9. jbow7:02
  10. olando7:07


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tuxsmommy, the owner did say he was at least, part Maine Coon. Terry


This kitty looks just like our Princess Grace ,a Maine Coon cat. Very lovable .


This is such a beautiful and adorable kitty. What a gorgeous face and eyes. Apparently, he did not mind his photo being taken. :-)) So pretty. I had to go to a tire place a few years ago in town to get a tire on my vehicle repaired so I waited inside where there was this kitty who came right over to me and laid down on the little table next to where I was sitting. She was very friendly and enjoyed my petting and attention to her. The owner said she just came there one day and stayed. :-))) Everyone pets her and they feed her so she is very happy. :-) Thanks for sharing this kitty with us again.

That’s wonderful! Love shops that have pets to greet customers!


Beachpuzzle, he belonged to the owner of the antique store and had the run of the place, both inside and outside. The owner said he was a rescue animal she acquired from the pound. Terry

Would like to think he belongs there or was adopted when he went in! Beautiful!


Very very beautiful. Vips

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