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The Cormorant Tree~Not Snow!

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Well,I like it but you see I'm a bird lover.We have cormorants here in TN.too.Thanks TS for a very interesting puzzle!!


Pilley, since ours is just starting, you can enjoy it with my pix for a little while. Thanks, Pkin, glad you enjoyed the jigs. Morris, good to know the Orris boys are in my corner! Thanks. Honestly, these trees look so odd up close, they're snow white!


Good fertilizer tex! The orris'es also have tex's back, Dawg!!


Great set TS thanks


We did get about 2" of snow on our trees today and I just want fall to last a lot longer.


Sis, you are so funny! When my kids were little, they named that the "Buzzard tree", but really it was taken over by Cormorants, which look a lot like them.
Thanks everyone, for your comments, and DD45, can't you guess from my screenname that I'm from Montana?? If you sit in a tree all day, should we call you Big Bird? And you don't want to mess with my mate, Chookies. She means business! Not to even mention her other half, Robbos the sheriff!


Listen 'ere sound like a nice person but yu eat far too many dawgs for my likin!! Tex is one very classy young woman who doesn't take too kindly to pushy dawg lovers - behave and be kind to her, otherwise you 'ave me to deal with!!


I wish I could just sit it a tree all day and watch all the people... I hope I'm a bird... or a dawg in my next life!


I think those are some nice birds you found there Tex. So when do you wanna meet up? Where are you from anyways? We could get a dawg together. I'm willing to meet anywhere you want to! ;)


OH! Are they a tree? Duh! Man is my face red!


I've never seen a Cormorant Tree, but we do have Chinaberry Trees. Interesting! Thanks, Sis!


Nasty birds!!




Well, I'll be.......

Very interesting story!


A couple trees at the lake have been overtaken by Cormorants and they look rather ghoulish at night. You can see one of the Chinaberry trees is solid white from their droppings! Looks rather odd among the regular deep green Chinaberry trees.

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