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Coco, 1997-2014

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You don't have to read this - I just have to tell it.

Coco (who's male) came to live with me when he was 13. He was a good boy, sweet, funny. Always grateful for sunshine in a window. Each time I saw him trust me a little more, I got warm all over.

He was a spirited cat. Never outgrew attacking bedspreads and didn't want help with it. "Don't put your hand under that spread. I'm doing this." A newcomer in another cat's house, he was sometimes afraid, intimidated. Eventually, he tried out being aggressive. After several months, he gave it up. I watched him & I swear - however it is cats decide things - he decided he didn't like it.

His first human mom, before me, visited him here a lot, sometimes stayed overnight. We gave him and each other support through 2 major dental surgeries - tricky for an elderly cat. We'd sit and tell each other stories about him. Coco, a small cat, once attacked his mom's boyfriend, a big tough guy, just for tickling her - chased him down the hall & got him backed up in a corner.

Four years ago, Coco's mom had to move on very short notice. She found a place but those people wouldn't accept a cat. A friend of hers agreed to take Coco - and at the last minute, backed out. She called the animal shelter & they said, because he was 13, Coco would almost certainly be considered un-adoptable and would be euthanized. So she called me - we used to work together & enjoyed each other's company, she knew me to be a cat person. And I said, no, I was worried about my cat. She said she totally understood. We hung up, and I was already furious with myself for turning her down. I stomped around swearing at me till I could calm down enough to call back & say, yes, yes!

Of the 3 of us - my friend, Coco, and me - I'm the luckiest. I adopt geriatric cats. I seek them out. I ask for them at the shelter. And I almost turned down this one.

If you've read all the way down here through all this stuff, I thank you wholeheartedly for listening.

I had Coco 4 years. He developed kidney failure and, with grief and love, we had him put to death March 30.
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You're so right, Faye. Thanks.


Blessings on you and wouldn't have been able to live with yourself if you hadn't taken him in...and just look at what you would have missed. ❤❤❤


Thank you IByte. I treasure the small happy memories that are still surfacing now. Thanks for coming to visit.

Bless your kind heart, you will be rewarded in ways you never dreamt of.


Thank you, Rebecca. I'm fortunate my life has been so cat-enriched.


It doesn't take a lifetime for your life to be enriched - especially when you realize every day is precious.


And my sympathies to you, spunky. I'm glad Buzz had those wonderful years with you.


Thank you, roerick. I responded yesterday but I guess I missed the "Post" button. Good for you, allergic mom and a dog person to boot, for letting your son have cats. He must love his cats very well - 23 years is a good long life.

My sympathies. We put down one of our cats, Buzz, on April 4, 2014. He was a neighbor's cat and he adopted us. The neighbors were never home and Buzz needed a lot of love and attention. We had 4 wonderful years with him before he died of congestive heart failure.


Thank you for sharing your story of Coco on this the eve of Christ's rising. Love comes in many forms and for reasons we don't always understand. Being allergic I shouldn't have cats but did allow my son to adopt several during his childhood---I learned to live with them. The last one of his was with him for 23 years. He finally had her euthanized when the feline leukemia started causing her pain. He adopted a new kitten a week later and has had her for 11 years now. Some people are cat people, some are dog people---I'm a dog people. We find love in different places but it's what sustains us through life's ups and downs. I'm sorry for your loss and those words don't convey enough!!!


{{Ank}} - Thank you for "listening" to my story of Coco. Grief is the price we pay for the love, and Coco was worth it. But grief can be pretty heavy, and you make my grief lighter now. I think I'll sleep easier tonight. Many hugs - sharon


Thanks for your comment, jyl. I do appreciate it.


Thank you, Sandy - and thank you for "blessing" my heart, which is just what those elderly felines do.


{{Sharon}} I don't know what to say. The story is sad and happy. Coco and you must have been very good friends. I'm glad you took her. Losing a pet is a terrible thing. I feel sad for you. She was beautiful to see. You can look back to her with great feelings. She will have her place in your heart for ever. Thanks for telling this beautiful story, it is beautiful and poignant.♥


Thank you for your story. I'm sitting her with tears in my eyes as I remember my last cat; she was with me for the last seven of her 14 years.
When we adopt cats as mature adults they appreciate a caring, stable home, where they are treated as the treasures we find them to be. You did good, girl!


Oh Sharon. I am so sorry for you loss. Bless your heart for taking in geriatric cats. ♥


Oh how true that is. Thank you.


Nice tale, sad ending. Better to have loved and lost a cat than to never have loved a cat at all. Nice tail, too!

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