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Pavlova is a popular dessert here in New Zealand made out of egg whites and sugar. It’s kind of like a meringue on the outside but like eating a sweet fluffy cloud on the inside, served with freshly whipped cream and whichever kind of fruit is in season. Berries and grated chocolate are my families favourite.
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Go on Taisia, have a try, it melts in your mouth. 😊


Good for you Carolee, they are great. Elegant - I would not have thought of using that word for a dessert, but you are right. Thank you


It looks tempting, Jill!


Jillian, I made a pavlova about a year ago and it turned out both lovely and delicious! If our humidity would ever go down this summer, I'd like to try one again. It's such an elegant dessert! ☺


There sure is Janet and depending on what you read both seem to have “ownership” rights. But definitely yummy. Thanks 😊❤️


Jill, pavlovas are SO yummy. There's friendly dispute between the Aussies and Kiwis about who invented it, but I know it is well enjoyed both sides of the "ditch." Thanks and hugs. ♥


A pleasure Tea :-)


Dobra would definitely satisfy your sweet tooth :)


Glad to hear that Marina, I do make really good ones and it’s always what all my grandchildren ask me to make for their birthdays.


Beautiful cake!
Thanks Jill :)


Áááách !!!! :-)


The Queen of cakes, Pavlova is my favourite one! Thanks for the divine photo!.


Brightie now I really do wonder if you had dreams about fool lol. I have loved having your company for the trip and the meal.thanks and hugs to you


Daasha007 glad you enjoyed the meal. Been great to have you along.

Yay excited to hear that. Sometimes it ok to blow the diet, but fortunately virtual carries zero calories! So have a second helping Brian.

It’s great Cyndi, would love to be able to give you a taste. Thanks

Dj how about just a tiny slither then. Thank you for coming along on the trip.


Voronica, glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for your company.

@jerrys good for you my not ‘provincial’ friend. Glad it was a hit

Lorna it has been brilliant to have you along

Thank YOU Judy, been lovely to have your company


Jillian dearest you have spoiled us immensely and I really appreciate you standing in the kitchen all day to present us with this truly exquisite meal ... now I am going to bed and shall surely dream of your good cooking ☺☺☺☺ hugs and thanks ♥♥♥


I am not a dessert person, but this sure looks tempting. Thanks, Jill for the wonderful meal and the enjoyable company. dj


Beautiful photo of this Pavlova of which I am not familiar but it sounds delish.


Another one of our favourite desserts Lady Jillian, absolutely scrumptious, we will not leave any in our dishes mate, that’s our diets blown out of the water !
I will be so full I cannot stand LOL, no change there then ! ........B & A xx

Jill, I love all such goodies. It was definitely a wonderful snack. Thanks for the beautiful photos and have a nice day. ♥♥♥


The perfect ending!


A fabulous dessert to round of a delicious meal to round off a great trip! Thank you Jill.


@JillianB A lovely Pavlova. I introduced our former dinner circle to this confection with which none of them were familiar (they can be SO provincial). It rang all the bells for the gluten-free members, as well.


Jillian, what a wonderful spread, the vegetables served as a great suggestion to me for roasting some veggies next week. Great meal, thanks for sharing. Hugs* Voronica~

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