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One of our baby bunnies - not too clear through
the screen
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  1. wolflady1:42
  2. mapletree1:54
  3. syfmp1:58
  4. 1hannej1:59
  5. crochetin2:17
  6. dykewife2:22
  7. ringleader2:34
  8. zjimmy20153:01
  9. Plot203:15


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Well ,yes they may have died of it but if you say there are still quite a lot of them..Are they a nuisance to people?
Rabbits and carrots? I knew it must have been just a legend around Bugs Bunny's cartoon ...Do they really enjoy your cookies ,do you have to be careful if you put some out ??? I once put a cake on my table outside for it to cool a bit and forgot all about it .When I went to get it the magpies had dug big holes in it ,so ,well I left it for them to finish it up..Greedy devils.
Ah ,now I'm off, my daughter's just arrived ,she lives in the south of France and has come to stay with us for a week.
Hugs Pat and see you soon.Cuddles to Bishka from me and her boyfriend..♥☺☺♥☺


Over a year ago I saw the two alpha coyotes, and they had the mange, then I didn't see them
anymore, I think they may have all gotten sick & now there aren't that many anymore. No
they aren't gone, they are everywhere, even in the cities. Bunnies don't like carrots, or
bunny food (which I have purchased in the past), but enjoy my cookies, nuts & bird seed.


Eating your flowers,I thought they were more interested in...carrots,but that's probably Bugs Bunnie's fault...The coyotes have disappeared ,were they in danger of extinction?,or just they have found a better place for hunting ! Good for little bunnies anyway...Hugs to you too !


Andie, this is the first year we have had bunnies, because the coyotes use to get them all, but
now it seems as if the coyotes have disappeared. They are just so cute. They do eat all
my flowers though, but I don't mind. Hugs to you too..


Lovely little bunny , and he's come so close to your house..
I like your blessing stone too ,it's new to me but i very much like the idea...
Hugs dear Pat.


My son gave me that blessing stone, I love it. I have to get a brush out & clean it
again, it gets very dirty. Yes, it protects all my critters. Glad you like it. Thanks Ardy.


I like your blessing stone. It protects even baby bunnies. Sweet picture. Thanks, Pat.

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