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Peekaboo: Where's my Mom???

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I took this one the day after her mom disappeared, that look says it all!
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Mama G has humane traps the that the problem is the springs are too tight for the little ones to trip the trap! She really is wonderful with rescues, the other hamper is she has had some real family issues going on for the last 6 months.


Fingers crossed!♥

If it were overhere I'd called the "Dierenambulance". They provide special cages to catch them, take them to their hospital and get them checked. Sick ones will be treated and after their recovery they would be signed up for adoption from there. The not sick ones also get checked, but taken to the Animal Rescue shelter (where my kitties all were from) where they 're signed up for adoption!

Impie, I'm pretty sure something happened to her They are too young born about August 1st, for her to have another litter. They are beginning to come around and hopefully we can get them soon!


Aww, poor baby. Something must've happened to the mum...or....she's somewhere hiding with a new litter, thinking these can find their own way now!? I really hope they will be homed soon, the longer they live on the street the harder it will be to get them used indoors!
You and MamaG have your heart in the right place! ♥♥

beyondwords, I can get close to them and I do play with 3 of the 4, with a toy, and can pet until they realize it. Not Me, I've actually been able to pick up once and scratch its head and ears for a couple of minutes. It was colder at the time and I hesitated to break up the foursome if I could help it; especially at that age, about 8 weeks.
I agree, that face is something! AND "she/he" can et right in with the big kids whe. I said left-handed!!!n the fling toy comes out. I have some bad, one-handed pictures that I was showing to Mama G yesterday as I helped her at the V.E.T.S. office with some of her new rescues, she asked me how I managed to get the pictures with the toy. I replied, carefully and left-handed! :)


Awwww, sweetie! Looking quite perplexed. Gorgeous kitty!

Yes, Atsutsa's mum chose the right back door. The rest, as they say, is a long and loving forever home history. ♥

So this is one of the four. And you managed to take her? She sure doesn't look happy here.

I do, Anne! My Tracy was that way. I've seen females literally farm her kitten out to what she considers "good homes" Atsutsa's mom may have made that decision and chosen very well indeed!


Yes, we were quite surprised when Atsutsa's mom dragged him to our back door (we watched the process) and left him there. Maybe she needed to keep him safe? I don't know, but I'll always be thankful. He was a crazy ball of fur for a while but settled in as "my" cat (you know how they tend to be one-person cats).

She is a cutie! Like all semi-ferals they are so hard to get!


Oh, what a beautiful kitty she looks to be. I'd take her, but I'm a bit away from you.

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