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Group of chamois'

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European chamois' live in the Alps and the Pyrenees - usually high up in rocky areas. This group made a little outing on a juicy meadow in the Bavarian prealps.
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  3. steve59111:03
  4. mariolyn1:06
  5. Ianto1:10
  6. PLG19581:13
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@PLG1958 I'm happy I can show YOU something new, too! 😂


They are new to me. So fun to see! Thanks Heicel!


@dalelawler Yes, oh yes, I'm sure you're right - there are lost of chamois in Switzerland. They have enough mountains for them, don't they? Thanks for visiting and greetings to your (now probably sleeping) bluebells! Céline


@bowlakebay @bluebird42 I'm happy you like it - thanks for commenting. HAVE A GREAT DAY in all four shoes!!


Thank you for posting this photo and details about the chamois. When my son and I drove in Europe in 2017, we saw some of this type of animals in Murren, Switzerland. Now I know we saw chamois. They were grazing in a small meadow, too.


So beautiful! Thank you Céline!


A lovely scene, Céline! Thank you!


@pumpkinhead @PatsyNip
You're both right: The meadow is from Mother Nature but the nice Bavarians leave it untouched for the chamois' most of the year. 😁 Thanks for your interest!

Probably Mother Nature provided that meadow.


The chamois are quite handsome. They must be fairly hardy to survive in the conditions of the Alps and Pyrenees. How nice of the Bavarians to provide them with a delightful meadow in which to graze! :)

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