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  1. groovingator1:58
  2. rainbow12:10
  3. anettka852:14
  4. soulRebel2:21
  5. Vix242:22
  6. dukeycash2:25
  7. jori2:25
  8. whatnauts2:28
  9. DaffyBozo2:29
  10. teegee2:31


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Thanks so very much whatnauts!


This is wonderful Hanne. I've bookmarked the large version for the weekend.

Thanks Hanne and Bent.


Yes - perhaps they wake up with the aurora and go out to find out why and how?!! Anyway they woke - and here they are!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


It looks like a wonderful aurora borealis to me! I love the colors and the way they slash into each other! Thanks, Hanne!
(but, the cavemen are odd)


I don't quite know what Bent meant with them, but I think they show up when it becomes this bad - or - it becomes this bad because they show up!! You decide, dear!! Thanks so very much Mimi!!


Wow! And how gorgeous is this!!!! Who are those little cavemen I see????

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